Sweat Towels Giveaway

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Three sets of cute sweat towels for the little ones will be awarded to three lucky readers of Lovingly Mama! 😀

Our little ones are almost always active, running, climbing, jumping, or whatever thing they want to do. They don’t care if it’s hot or not, whether it’s daytime or nighttime. They don’t care if they smell bad. And because of that, their backs are often wet with sweat. That is why we see many kids running around with cloth lampin inserted under their shirts to prevent their sweat from drying on their tops. This is coupled with some baby powder, too, to keep them fresh.

Well, I have a little something for you in this new giveaway. Why not jazz up your sweat towels a bit with these cutie ones from the online store, Jazzshoppe. Yep, thanks to our sponsor Glenda Gonzales, Lovingly Mama is giving away three sets of two sweat towels each for your active little ones. We have McQueen of Cars, dogs, and Angry Birds as designs.

Again this is another easy giveaway because of the Rafflecopter. All you need to do is check on the tasks. There are a few mandatory tasks and some optional ones, too. Would really appreciate it if you can leave some love on my posts. Well, they are really nicely written and I hope you can pick a thing or two from our experiences. hihi

This giveaway is:
1. Open to Philippine residents and those with Philippine addresses only.
2. Giveaway starts today and ends now until the midnight of March 7, 2014.
3. Prizes will be shipped to the winners by Lovingly Mama.
4. Winning entries will be verified.

Well, what are you waiting for? I know you like these cute sweat towels so fill up the RC form now! hihi Good luck everyone!

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  • 161

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  1. ann cagalingan says:

    Wow another giveaway sis! so nice naman,Goodluck sa mga Mommies pra kay Baby 😉

  2. Criselda R. Blancaflor says:

    hindi mawawala ang aking red lipstick 🙂 i look good with red lips

  3. sherry ann gole cruz says:

    my favorite kikay product is my red lipstick!

  4. Jonalyn Repalda says:

    My Favorite Kikay product is face powder because of this I feel fresh and have confidence of my own to face people in public

  5. Jea Blancaflor says:

    I am not really a kikay. I am okay with baby powder & lip shiner. 🙂

  6. Dima Hernandez says:

    my favorite kikay product is nail polish. its nice to see hands and toes with good and new polish it means you still find time have sometime with your self. 😀

  7. Sheryl An Mungcal says:

    my favorite kikay products is lipstick,.

  8. Aegeane Brioso says:

    My favorite kikay product would be cc creams! I love how it conceal and makes my skin radiant and glowing!

  9. Aldrin Montierro says:

    Who says only women are kikay? hehe… I have a kit compose of face wash, toner, and moisturizer.

  10. April Rose Calinog says:

    I admit, I’m not that very kikay compared to other girls or moms, yet my favorite kikay product which I really can’t live without is my powder and lipgloss..:)

  11. Cy valencia says:

    Lipstick! I feel that my face glows whenever I wear it. 🙂

  12. Jimmy Galang says:

    baby powder, para palaging fresh kahit nasan ka, maslalo na kasama ang mga kids.

  13. headband because i am comforting and i am looking good..

  14. Yna Bronozo (@yns023) says:

    As for my nephew we put old newspaper at his back when his playing and of course baby powder so that he always smells fresh and clean.

  15. marjorie bisagar says:

    lagi akong my dalang panyo or any na pwedeng ipahid sa kanya and after that baby powder at laging my extrang damit :))

  16. Laikaa Repalda says:

    Goodluck all 🙂

  17. Laikaa Repalda says:

    Powder para fresh lage

  18. Joel Cunanan says:

    nilalagyan ko na powder especially likod ni baby tas towel,.

  19. Joy Merced says:

    A hand towel to wipe of the sweat and baby powder to keep him fresh!

  20. Rachel Anne Del Rosario says:

    I always make sure na mapalitan ang towel ng son ko lalo na siya ay pawisin masyado at pulbusan palitan ng sando para fresh ulet.

  21. janet roxas says:

    i usually put him a powder before and after he play.. then i always bring towel s likod ny. .

  22. Arra Morta says:

    I always powder my baby and electric fan para dry tlaga xa:)

  23. Lennie Mungcal says:

    lagi ko syang nilalagyan ng powder after kong paliguan at hilamusan.

  24. Michelle Talaboc says:

    My kids are pawisin but I’m already used to it. That’s why I always bring a baby powder and towel in my bag. I even bring spare clothes just in case.

  25. Take a shower and make sure they clean and fresh and put powder

  26. pulbos at towel lang katapat nyan

  27. Cathlyn Joy Roman says:

    after maligo or maghilamos lagyang ng powder.

  28. laila mercado says:

    punas ng towel then lagyan pulbos palitan damit

  29. Rain Gatdula says:

    Powder and towel!

  30. Pahiran sa likod ng bulbos pero bago ito dapat punasan muna ng malinis na tuwalya ang kanyang likod at sunod dito ang bulbos palitan na rin ng damit sapagkat napawisan na yung unang damit.

  31. Marykay Marilao says:

    What do you do when your child is pawisin? I make sure that he always wear clean, cotton and white garments…powder him after taking a bath.

  32. Flor Ann B. Guarino says:

    Ang baby ko pag naglalaro pawisin talaga. Pero bago siya maglaro ay linalagyan ko siya ng powder sa katawan. At pinupusan ko siya gamit ang towel.

  33. i put powder and face towel on her back

  34. arra odeza says:

    I always change her clothes and put baby powder and towel on her back

  35. Christine Tabin says:

    I put a towel and polbo 🙂

  36. Christine Tabin says:

    I put a towel and polbo :))

  37. Melanie Garciano says:

    Change his/her clothes and put powder and towel.

  38. Marlene Yanga says:

    Nilalagyan ko ng baby powder likod niya at lampin. Pag sobrang pawis na papalitan ko damit niya.

  39. Cel Fajardo says:

    without lipstick you look pale and dull.. I always put slight lipstick

  40. Maria May Ochea says:

    I used a towel to wipe the sweats & baby powder to make him fresh & feel good.

  41. marilou luzon says:

    pinupunasan ng towel, then polbo tapos nilalagyan ng towel after mapolbohan 🙂

  42. Marykay Marilao says:

    after taking a bath, sprinkle baby powder and place towel, replace it sometimes.

  43. my little man sweats like there is no tomorrow so i make sure i dress him in very comfortable sandos + that i have a towel ready whenever his back + forehead needs to be wiped dry. i used to put rice powder on his back, but stopped as it might trigger asthma attacks as advised by his pedia…

  44. Niña Llagono says:

    Lagi ko siya pinapasuotan ng comfortable clothes at madalas ko ginagamit ang powder at lagi may nakahandang mga towel para palitan yun sa tuwing pinupunasan ko ang baby ko.

  45. twinkle tapalla says:

    pulbos!! and towel..

  46. i usually put powder then towelette/bimpo at her back.. if sobrang pawis na pinapalitan ko kagad ng damit =)

  47. Anna Marie M. says:

    What do you do when your child is pawisin?

    I usually put towel in her back. My daughter is so hyperactive and she easily get sweat. Then replace her shirt and put baby powder.

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