For a Baby Who Never Thinks It’s Bedtime

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Sleep is one of the most important factors in releasing growth hormones, most especially for very young babies.While your baby sleeps, her little body produces 3x more growth hormones.

The good news is there is a way to promote better sleep for your baby: through a consistent nightly bedtime routine.

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From the time we took her out of the hospital, Dindin kind of knew that we sleep at night and we wake up in the morning. Even while still a young baby, she would not even wake up for feeding. Below is a pic of Dindin with her Papa early in the morning. I usually wake up ahead of them and I would find them having the same position.

dindin asleep with papaIt is also pretty easy to put Dindin to sleep during the day. While playing, she would just ask to be carried and the moment I would pick her up, she would lay her head on my shoulder and snooze off. Or if we are in the car, I will just notice her head moving from side to side without control. That is when I would realize that she is already asleep. No fuss at all. Below, you will find her asleep in the car.

baby sleeping in car

Or she would fall asleep while on her bottle.

dindin sleeping on the bottle

The problem was her nighttime sleep. When she got a little older, like about 11 months, the question of what time at night will she sleep became somewhat difficult to answer. She would be very drowsy on my shoulders one moment, and then she would spring her head up and open her eyes wide the next, pointing to the toys around us. She seems to think that she will miss out on the action if she sleeps ahead of us. So she usually finally calls it a day around 11pm to 12mn.

We have tried so many things. We moved her evening routine earlier, like her meals and her bath. We used lavender bath products and burned lavender aroma oil. Then no more active play after that. We would read while we let some instrumental lullaby music play softly in the background. After that, lights will be dimmed and we would say our prayers.

dindin reading

If she is still active, we would give her a massage. Her Papa would massage her back and legs while I did her head. She would lie on her stomach and we would see a satisfied smile on her face, as if really savoring the pleasures of a body massage. After about 30 minutes, she would sit up again and play.

Over and above the things mentioned above, we would carry her while singing and swaying until she will finally rest her head on my shoulder and sleep. And that would last till the next day.

Recently, we changed tactics. My baby is now 16 months old. After dinner, we would either give her a bath or give her the bottle, depending on what time it is. The latest that we wash her is 9:30pm. Eventually, we no longer gave her a shower, instead we would just wipe her whole body with a damp cloth. She would be changed into her nighttime nappies and pajamas.

We continued to read, sing, play, or watch a video. Then after our prayers, we turned off the light and her Papa and I would lie down with her and pretended to sleep. In a matter of minutes, sometimes 2-3 minutes, maximum of 5, she is already fast asleep! Imagine that! All the while, we did all these things to get her to sleep and all she needed was for us to lie down with her!

It is a good thing that we found this out, but there is one downside–we also fall asleep as fast as she does!

dindin sleep

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  1. I don’t have that kind of patience for three kids. LOL! Si Bella lang pinapatulog ko. Hehehe…

  2. alex says:

    hihihi this is really funny! i remember my sister was like that when she was around 3 years old… always feeling that sleep was a waste of time and just took hours off her play time! but dindin is waaaay funny and lucky! imagine?! she gets a massage and savors it then suddenly gets up and play again? hahaha I laughed a couple of times dear!

  3. Samuel Moyani Jr. says:

    Hmmmmmmmmm, it’s hard to determine the face of this boy, from Dugeno’s family or from Lo’s family, heheheheheheheeheh!

  4. Dave says:

    It’s not easy to be parents, but kids are always a joy and a gift from God. They bring laughter when we are down, they bring encouragement when we are depressed. I missed the early days of my kids now that they are turning 7 and 10. Will cherish every moment with them.

  5. karla says:

    Awwww….Dindin, as always is really smart…hehehe..she has her ways gid of keeping you 3 united…bisan sa pag tulog, together forever gyapon!!!! 😀

  6. admin says:

    mommy rubz, i can understand that. haha dindin pa lang handful na gid.

    alex, hahaha yeah she really enjoys massages. daw sa peho gid na xa mag yuhum2 na daw gina namitan gid.

    sam, girl ni bala akun baby! hahaha

    ptr dave, thanks gid. hehe mang borrow na lang kamo babies! hihihi low maintenance.

  7. leyo gwapo says:

    hmmmmmmmmmm, si papa ya ni bla ya la gid ga massage2 smun mung… tsk, u really are a blessed kid..hehehe

  8. michelle boyero says:

    din2x surely made me wanna sleep.. with this look, well, sleeping is indeed the best way to relax. 😉 Go dindin!!

  9. Aileen Equito says:

    I believed that the best way to put the kids to sleep is to read them bedtime stories,by reading them books that they really@x love…Also by gently brushing your finger against their forehead down to their nose. It will make sleepy quick……

  10. dindin is so sweet, even in sleeping, she wants the 3 of you to be together.. happy family..

  11. sansan says:

    din is sooooo lucky! she gets a massage every night? wow! 😀

  12. Leslie says:

    those little eyes are always watching…in parenting, action truly speaks louder than words.

  13. wow. takes so much effort to make one li’l tyke sleep… but at least it paid… 😀

    my parents had the problem with me, as im a noctural since i was small and i didn’t nap when i was a small kid. no wonder, i’m not as tall as my siblings… LOL…

  14. lebski says:

    guess it runs in the blood.. =p
    swerte pa pla c din2x coz my nag mamassage pa sa knya b4 xa ma2log.. =)

  15. Dennis says:

    it would be nice that we three go to sleep at the same time… but Boots and I need some private time too… to watch other videos (rather than watching elmo rap the ABC over and over….), and i can get to borrow Din Din’s laptop as well (when she’s asleep the laptop becomes mine..hehe) …

  16. Cherry says:

    There are no black and white profound rules in raising a child. (different strokes for different folks). Dindin is very fortunate, very blessed to have you both as her parents. I have two children and a son, 18 and 11 respectively. I tell you it was all trial and error method. hahaha. I just praise God for being there with us.

  17. oliver says:

    you have to make sure Dindin doesn’t take too much sugar-rich food before bedtime so as to lower her “fuel” to be hyperactive 🙂

  18. Patty Gomez says:

    At least Dindin falls asleep right away when you guys lie down beside her.. Mackie does not..sometimes his Dad and I even fall asleep ahead of him. hehehe! I love Dindin’s sleeping pic. =)

  19. admin says:

    hi ver! thanks for ur comment. actually, jutay lang gid unnatural sugar si dindin. we don’t give her juices and she has never tried candies. she doesn’t like foods that are too sweet and salty. pero galing maski wala xa kaon, active gid xa gyapon. damo reserver pero wala man fat. hehe

    thanks pat!:D hihihi kis-a amo man kami na.

  20. Rain says:

    Dindin is so cute. She’s big na jd. Hope to see her soon.

  21. Quennie says:

    I remember my daughter chloe when she was like dindin’s age she also likes massage and take note-(a foot massage):-) she will sleep better if she will have this from me..now that I have a son they shared same interest also..:-) Dindin is very grateful to have you both as her parents who are always there beside her. And kids will always sleep better if they know that we are at their side…that’s the only way they will feel secured…Especially for mothers, we are our kids’ security blanket… and Dindin is very lucky to have you as her mother..And I believe that the best language of love we can offer to our kids is our “TOUCH”- THE mOTHER’S TOUCH….. 🙂

  22. ana says:

    Its tough being a mother. This article is very informative to future parent like me someday. Now i know how to make my baby fall asleep so fast.

  23. charles boyero says:

    looking at him makes me remember my son and makes me want to relax and dream beside him… he’s very cute… 🙂

  24. Koko says:

    Din2 is really cute…. i could still remember that i used to let Hesed and Ej sleep so easily but not Din2 and Mei2. Haha… i guess i don’t have that much patience anymore. For Din2, i’m just so proud of her coz since she was a new born, she could already sleep through the night. I could say that she’s smart too coz she understands what is day and night.:-)

  25. iman says:

    dindin is one smart and energetic kid…thank God for her “enthusiasm”…she’s also blessed to have parents who loves her so much…

  26. Hannah Belle B. Go says:

    She is cute

  27. leah says:

    dindin, the baby who takes away my problems and stress every time i would cuddle her..

  28. pepay says:

    nice…:) praying before sleeping… very good din-din.. 😀

  29. arbie says:

    dindin is soo cute.. =) she’s such a sweet girl, she wanted to make sure that her mommy and daddy gets to sleep first before she does. hehe.. o db.. =) i’m sure when she grows up, she’s gonna take good care of her parents too (ngayong baby pa nga lang cya inaalagaan ndin nya kayo hehehe) hope everything is well with you and your family =)

  30. momi rage says:

    i’m having that problem with Yana right now and we are still in the discovery stage on how i can get her to sleep early so i can take care of other things too.
    Dindin’s picture made me yawn already.hahaha
    Such a darling!muah.

  31. dynah says:

    that’s what we do with Lyanna also… but instead of pretending… we fall asleep… and we always sleeps ahead of her… i think whatever it takes we will do it for our kids…

  32. Clark Kent says:

    A baby will make love stronger, days shorter, nights longer, bank balance smaller, home happier, clothes dirty, the past forgotten, and the future worth living for

  33. eClaire says:

    Yeah I agree, Din2x is very smart for a less than 2 year old kid. I bet when she grows up, she’ll grow very tall especially since she loves to sleep.

  34. maricar says:

    A baby will make love stronger, days shorter, nights longer, bank balance smaller, home happier, clothes dirty, the past forgotten, and the future worth living for

  35. Paulo C. says:

    My very clever goddaughter… who is the monkey dindin? tita ellen? ay noooo! It’s me! Ninong Paulo is the monkey with the very big nose and the very invisible tail. DIn2x makes me smile all the time galing wla ga amag sa akon!

  36. eClaire says:

    wow nami sleep ni budindin bah 🙂 God gives rest to those whom He loves. i remember how she used to be scared in going to the water… 🙂

  37. Tanya says:

    hhehehe.. i wish i can sleep like dindin.. so peaceful.. not waking up every 30mins to see the time if im going to be late for work or not.. stay cute n smart din!!

  38. tictac says:

    we are the hands that rock the cradle…nice blog! 🙂

  39. marie rose de dios verde says:

    its not easy to be parents…but i’m enjoying reading your stories, i salute you for your patience and for din2 ..you are really such a lucky daughter for having them as your parents.:)

  40. charie mae gatia says:

    nice to see you sleep well din…being a child such a wonderful thing coz you have no worries of anything just eat and sleep..:)

  41. Jackie says:

    I enjoyed reading this practical blog Ng Boots, especially at the end part that you changed the style and everything changed for good. As you talked about the “change” here, I remember the wisdom shared by Pastor Carlo Panlilio from Destiny church just last friday evening as he preached about changing the world, “If I change, the world changes.” It’s possible that the blessings and God’s promises is just waiting, waiting for you and I to first change and fully receive it. I can link it when you said, when you pretended to sleep first, DinDin sleeps next (and funny though because you too falls asleep which I know you need to). 1 Kings 19 for example teaches us about the Renewal of Elisha, from that bible story we can observe the ring structure that brings into focus the various steps God uses to renew a weary, discouraged, and suicidal prophet. As we apply it to our daily practical life, I have greatly learned that if I change, God changes the world for good. And just like the sleeping routine of sweet DinDin, she’s only waiting for Mommy and Daddy to change by sleeping early and she also changed. Thanks for sharing this blog Ng, I was refreshed of the change God is calling to me. Have a wonderful day! God bless you, DinDin and Ahia so much! 🙂

  42. Rachel Diopol says:

    You guys are so blessed with such a beautiful child. I wish I could sleep soundly like her the whole day 🙂

  43. Tina says:

    hehe… kulang lang gale sa “teaching through example”. Kbudlay man gid magpatulog early, boots… grabe nga hardwork and patience kilanlan, hehe…

  44. Josy says:

    🙂 go din din! 🙂

  45. Rosa says:

    🙂 sagad ba

  46. Rosa says:


  47. Hanako says:

    Aaohh, this made me realize how much I miss sleep! Hahaha! Dindin, as I always say, is such an extraordinary and amazing baby! Imagine, all she wanted was just you and Ahia to lie down with her. Haha! This is a wonderful story! Thanks for sharing, Nang Boots! I am looking forward to asking and seeing Dindin’s reactions when she grows up and when she gets to hear these stories about her. 😉

  48. According to Kimy’s pedia ang sleeping habit daw ka mga bata gasunod sa parents nya or sa mga tao na upod nya sleep. I really thought may ara gd ya time na this month amo ni time ga sleep then the next, lain naman ang sked. Sbng same ta strategy when it comes magpa sleep kay Kimy. Ga pretend kmi sleep early pra makatulog man sya early. But sometimes una pa ko tulog kay Kimy. Hahahaha. 🙂

    Btw, nahisa ko kay Dindin! May massage sya ya. Will try that kay Kimy. But sbng ako gd gro ang gakinanglan sng massage, as in full body massage gd. Ga alay na likod ko sagi kung2x kay Kimy. Hehe, Its been a month na nga wala yaya si Kimy. Super budlayan ko to the max. Sigh.mm

  49. William Streegan says:

    It amazes me that you’re doing different sleeping strategies for Dindin. It goes to show that you love her so much and you’re working as a team with your husband. Just by looking at this picture, she is so blessed to have parents like you. She sleeps like there’s no tomorrow. Hehehe. Keep it up and good job! 🙂

  50. colorkiddos says:

    the older she gets the more difficult it would be to let kids sleep… however, at least when you tell them there’s a consequence for not sleeping, they try their best to sleep!

  51. maricar lo says:

    yeah, consequence… like i tell ej, no sleep no swim for afternoon naps and for evenings? ah… this one’s hard! hihi…

  52. Jillian says:

    manang, thank you for sharing this with me? so bless to see budindin growing up. i miss her na.and oh! this made me realize that I MISS SLEEP na gid. 🙂 Dindin is so bless to have u as her mom and ahya dennis as his dad. Praying for you gd guys. mwah! miss u!

  53. Daphne says:

    i wish that would also be applicable to gianna… she still sleeps late and wakes up very late the following day too… i envy you boots for having that patience to put dindin to bed and giving her massage and even a bath before bedtime… it’s usually ian who puts gianna to sleep coz i would be too tired already… i might as well try giving her a massage, though i’m having second thoughts coz she might gain some more weight and get heavier huhuhu…

  54. cute2 badin.. please dont grow up too fast. hehehe =)

  55. Eunice says:

    I noticed that babies and toddlers could stay so awake even until 10-11pm nowadays! I think it has something to do with the environment that we have…and it could affect the kids in a way that they become more anxious and perhaps restless.

  56. apraille pama says:

    wow! I miss din2x…I love her…good to know that she is now sleeping early…She’s enjoying the massage at an early age ha?! how I wish mom would also do it to me..heheh! hope to see your family on Sunday..I really miss the 3 of you. I speak forth blessing to your family!

  57. Sam Lee says:

    CUTE2 kay dindin!! hahah unfortunately, dugay2 nagd kami wala ka ktanay! and i really miss her.. 😀 looking at the pics above, i find her sooooooooo cute..haha she sleeps like an angel.. 😀 but kun bugtaw, active2 katama.. haha 😀 stay cute dindin and obey your parents, ayt? 😀 God bless to u, achi boots and ahia denise.. 😀

  58. aubrey says:

    =) nice blog nang boots, having that patience to put dindin to bed is indeed amazing. She is so blessed to have you and ahia as her parents… such an ideal couple, such an ideal family. i really love it when i see your family at church. =)

  59. Mitch Lo says:

    She is not a difficult child at all compared to the stories my mom told me about my incessant crying when I was still a baby!! Anyway, it is true that children learn by imitating their parents. They see everything with fresh eyes and what they see is their perception of this world. I’m glad that she has godly parents that exemplify and point her towards the TRUTH. God bless you and I’m glad that you found a fitting schedule for Dindin’s bedtime! =D

  60. cindy says:

    papa and Dindin have the saem sleeping positions!:)

  61. Dan & Michelle says:

    A precious little cutie @ age 1!

    Baby Dindin’s eyes seem to communicate the eagerness she has in learning new things, new words, new tricks…to discover her sorroundings in her own terms. She never fails to win the hearts of anyone who sets their gaze on her….wanting to have her as their own. Haha!

    To Dennis & Boots…lucky u! for having such an angel as a daughter. =)

  62. Dindin is so blessed to have you as parents… It may not be easy to develop a baby sleep routine but time spent on teaching her healthy sleep habits will be worth it… 🙂

  63. marjorie P. paculan says:

    It’s a joy to have a baby. Everything you wrote spoke so much how much you love dindin. She’s so blessed. So blessed to have caring parents like you and Dennis. I don’t have a baby yet, that my eagerness to have one is getting stronger when I read what you posted… You grow so much Boots by being a mother…I salute you for that!!!

  64. Noreen says:

    Having a baby is always tears and joy! I find her so cute and a darling to her father. I am so happy for you and Dennis having a baby girl like Dindin. Enjoy parenting for this job is a lifetime, 24/7 and no day-offs but the most rewarding profession of all! Take care and be blessed!

  65. stacy says:

    Great pictures! Cute na ni dindin =) hope to see her soon

  66. Bebs says:

    very nice, eh? you really learn parenting the practical & hands-0n way; with loving bonding pa with your family. ^_^

  67. Thanks for joining 🙂

    winners will be announced next week

    I’ll be holding more contests for Mommies, you can Subscribe to my blog for updates.

  68. Congrats Mommy for winning!!!

  69. thank you mommy rubz!

    and thank you all for taking the time to read my blog and for commenting. 😀 praise God for His blessing!:-D

  70. Movie Addict says:

    […] problem is, we have to start late because we have to wait for our daughter to sleep. We watched the musicale Mamma Mia! that stars Meryl Streep as the fun loving single mom whose […]

  71. leah says:

    Dindin is growing too fast and I always find her ways very funny and interesting. She’s a baby that never stops to amaze me and the people around her. She’s very smart and yes, absolutely funny,,heheh
    The last part really made me laugh:)) very cute!

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