Epistle #1: How You’ve Changed

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Dear Dindin,

Mama noticed lately that you have changed much. But in a good way. You have matured gracefully.

Last May 9, we went to dinner at Imay’s to celebrate your A-chiak Mike’s birthday and you behaved like a little lady. While we waited for the party to start, a group of young musicians went inside our function room in order to serenade us for a fee. You listened and watched intently while they were playing their instruments and you clapped your hands after their performance. You appreciated their music.

The party was started with a prayer and so you immediately clasped your hands to pray. Papa and Mama taught you that because that is a reverent act before God.

When dinnertime came, I gave you a plate, spoon and fork, rice, and chicken. I also placed your bottle of water beside your plate. The other guests marveled at how you handled yourself. You used spoon to eat rice and used your fork to pick up the slices of chicken. You chewed your food with your mouth closed and did not answer when you mouth was full. After some time, you drank water from you bottle and wiped your mouth with a napkin. The people sitting in front of us were very impressed at your impeccable table manners. After you meal, Mama gave you a small slice of cake for dessert and you partook of it with grace using your fork.

But then you saw that Mama was sipping from this bottle of 7up and you asked for it. I took this picture of you. No, at this point, you have never drank softdrinks and even here, this was all an act. You never liked softdrinks but maybe you thought here that everybody else was sipping softdrinks using their straw and that you also should. But all of this is a simulation–you just put the straw on your mouth but never sipped a drop because you never really liked it. haha You just might be considered a social drinker…. hahaha …of softdrinks, that is.

You are now like a little lady. You had always been very gracious and mature for your age and Mama is very proud of your development.

By the way, I noticed that we have been closer lately because Mama had been trying to understand things from your perspective. In the past, I would scold you often but now, I tried …and my efforts paid off, because you seem to feel that we can now relate to each other.

Thank you for being such a good girl, Dindin. God bless you as you grow up and learn more things.

I love you!


P.S. I would not be surprised if in a couple of years you would already have your own laptop and while the three of us are in our bedroom, we would be holding a chat conference using megameeting web conferencing software! hahaha Way to go, baby!

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Loving Mama

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  1. Pepay says:

    Ahay nang..na touch ko sa letter..dw para sakun no..haha..ka nice… And ka amazing kay dindin..she is a little lady..hihi…looking forward to more of this.. Good job to you and dennis.. 🙂

  2. EJsmom says:

    wow… a letter to dindin… nice 🙂

  3. jillian says:

    waaaa…. i feel so blessed sa amo mo ni nga post ng! kanami gd ya kay dindin ah. im blessed to know dindin. 🙂 hehe. muchmuclove gwapita

  4. mommy jes says:

    sweet! hey you have a nice new look indeed! love the pink! love the header too!

    1. admin says:

      thanks mommy jes! 😀

  5. nice layie:) godbless!

  6. joy says:

    smart little lady 🙂 nice header sis! love it

  7. wow.. thats a nice letter to your little lady..

    Love your new look sis. so pinky.. so girly!

  8. Aww. Very good Dindin. 🙂 I hope Elijah and you will meet soon. He wants to play with other kids too!

    Pinay Mama
    Phoebe’s Blissful Life
    Baguio Boy
    Baguio Food

  9. myra lopez arroz says:

    to see how dindin grew to be a fine little lady is the most remarkable part of motherhood!!! Congratulations mama boots!!!

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