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Cloth Diaper Giveaway by Pink n Blue Shop + Benefits of Cloth Diapering

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Many parents have made the switch to cloth diapers for their babies because of their benefits. Below are some of the benefits of cloth diapers.


A pack of disposable diapers costs around Php 200 – 400 and will last for a week (sometimes less). If you invest on cloth diapers, your little ones can use them until they become toddlers.

Cloth diapers do not contain any chemicals that will hurt your baby. Disposable diapers contain Sodium Polyacrylate (absorbent gel) that is linked to Toxic Shock syndrom. It also has Dioxins. Dioxin is a by-product of chlorine and is linked to developmental disorders.

Do you know that it takes around 500 years before the disposable diapers get fully decomposed? With cloth diapers, nothing is thrown out.

Cloth diapers have changed since then. What used to be plain white nappies have now evolved to a more fashionable and super cute designs that you can choose from.

Now, would you like to have a cloth diaper set composed of (1) shell + (2) microfiber inserts? Join this giveaway by the Pink n Blue Shop of Bacolod City. Here’s a little something about this relatively new online shop, written by its owner Krystyna Quimpo.

These two sets of cloth diapers worth P350 each will be awarded to two lucky winners.

Pink n Blue is a shop that primarily sells cloth diapers and cloth diaper accessories. Having been cloth diapering my son for years, I was able to recognize its benefits and I would like to share and spread the love for such.

I wantย Pink n Blue to be a one stop shop for any mother’s cloth diapering needs including addressing any cloth diapering challenges. Expect me to personally answer any questions you may have about cloth diapers. Believe me, cloth diapering is not as hard as you think it is.

Aside from cloth diapers, I also sell other baby items such as the reversible shoes and the uber cute busha pants and shorts. In the future I may offer something for the moms, too. To order, you can fill out our Contact Form found in theย Pink n Blue Facebook Fanpage and we will get back to you within 24-48 hours. Payments can be made through Chinabank, Unionbank or Paypal. COD is also an available option if you are within Bacolod City, I can do meet ups at the Lopue’s East center.

Without further ado, I now give you the Rafflecopter form for this easy-peasy giveaway. Just do the three (3) mandatory tasks of liking theย Pink n Blue and the Lovingly Mama fanpages and leaving a comment here and you already have three (3) entries to this raffle. This giveaway is open to residents of the Philippines only. It starts tonight until June 30, 2014. Winners will be notified by email and will also be announced in an updated version of this blog post. Prizes will be shipped to the winners by theย Pink n Blue shop. ๐Ÿ˜€ Join now! ๐Ÿ˜€

Spread the love
  • 163

Loving Mama

Sigrid - Bacolod Blogger
Sigrid is a work at home mom and Bacolod blogger who tries to juggle taking care of the kids, homeschooling in Bacolod, covering events, designing, writing, and blogging. After finishing her degree in Mass Communications from the University of St. La Salle, she went on to become a news reporter/writer for a local daily and eventually pursued a career in advertising as a copywriter and graphics designer. After her stint in the corporate world, she became a freelance writer, contributing to national and international publications covering a variety of topics. She was a contributing food writer to COOK Magazine before she became a food and mommy blogger. She blogs at:

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  1. Elaine Delos Angeles says:

    Mas practical gamitin yung cloth diaper kesa disposable makakatipid ka din kasi lalabhan lng kesa bibili ka pa sa cloth diaper iwas rashes din sa oinion ko ๐Ÿ˜€

  2. Elaine Delos Angeles says:

    Ah di ko nakita kung na post ba yung coment ko ๐Ÿ™

    1. raquel solis says:

      mas magandang gamitin ang Cloth diaper dahil safe ito sa skin n baby!

  3. Aiko Borja says:

    i must prefer using cloth diapers than disposable ones. di naman sa pag titipid but mas baby friendly po kasi for me ang mga cloth diapers. no chemicals that can irritates baby’s sensitive skin.

  4. Ruffa julleza says:

    Hi loving mama hope to win po for may baby JB john benedict.. 2 months old baby boy.. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  5. sherry ann gole cruz says:

    i think using cloth diapers is more friendly on our environment,you can save more and my baby is free from diaper rash.

  6. Sheryl An Mungcal says:

    as of now Cloth diaper na ang gamit ng baby ko instead of disposable diapers, ang laki ng natipid ko,. tyaga nga lang sa paglalaba,.

  7. What do you think about using cloth diapers on your children as compared to disposable diapers? iba po kasi talaga kapag cloth diaper ang gamit ng mga babie kasi iwas rashes at di sila irrritated

  8. Princess Buenviaje says:

    Now that i’am a pregnant i would prefer to use the cloth diaper because i can save more than to use disposable diaper. And it is easy to use.

  9. Rain Gatdula says:

    Definitely cloth diapers and liners.. I’ve found some liners that are hypoallergenic and chemical free.. very eco friendly. budget friendly also

  10. jedahlyn gatdula says:

    If you were going to travel with your baby then it is easy to use a disposable diaper, you can throw it anywhere, and if you use cloth diapers, then you can save a money from buying disposable diaper and you can used that again after you washed it, and it’s eco friendly..

  11. mas okey po talaga ang diaper baby clothes na gamitin ni baby kasi iwas rashes at d sya irritated

  12. Stephanie Moss says:

    I like using cloth for many reasons: less trash (green), safer, sustainable, cheaper over the long term (especially with multiple kids)!

  13. Luningning says:

    I think using cloth diapers is everything that its touted to be. Cost-effective, safe for baby and the environment.

    I truly hope that a lot more people use this.

  14. Joel Cunanan says:

    using cloth diaper is better than disposable diaper because its cheaper,. even my baby use cloth diaper,.

  15. Rachel Anne Del Rosario says:

    Thank you Lovingly Mama and Pink n’ Blue for this wonderful giveaway actually I joined this giveaway because I’m an avid fan of cloth diaper in fact i am currently using it to my 2nd child to my 1 month old daughter and i must say it’s really good because it saves you from wasting money because you can use it all over again and very earth friendly. I hope i win in this giveaway. ๐Ÿ™‚

  16. Jonalyn Repalda says:

    Para po sa sa akin mas madali gamitin and disposable diapers compare to cloth diapers pero mas matipid naman ang cloth diapers kaya for me mas bet ko yong cloth diapers.

  17. Aldrin Montierro says:

    What do you think about using cloth diapers on your children as compared to disposable diapers?

    It is cost effective and the designs are great.

  18. Marcos Batac says:

    Cost Effective , Safe and Healthy , Enviroment Friendly , Nice Design

  19. belen benedicto says:

    hi hello, i heared lot of cothed daiper …umm for me,cothed diaper is better, it’s soft and gentle, we teach us to save our budget,.while disposable diaper is expensive and baka ndi pa hiyang sa skin ni baby.So im happy to join. i want to a cloth diaper user thru Lovingly it.

  20. Felix Tesado says:

    I prefer cloth diapers for our baby because you can save and prevent rashes.

  21. Therese Decena says:

    it’s a good idea to use diaper clothes instead of disposable cause it’s practical & easy to use also it keeps our environment clean.

  22. Jieliz Cornelia says:

    definitely mas makakatipid kapad clothed diaper ang gamit kesa sa disposable diapers.and less chances that the baby will have rashes since hindi mabababad sa wet surface ang skin ng baby…

  23. Cathlyn Joy Roman says:

    mas maganda ang cloth diaper kasi makakatipid ka tas iwas rashes pa,.

  24. Faith Almario says:

    It is all about safety of our kids that is why I love cloth diapers and in the long run you get to save a lot. That is how wa-is mom I am.

  25. lovely joy merced says:

    mas okay po ang cloth diaper iwas rashes , ec0-friendly pa sya, tipid pa!

  26. Anna Marie M. says:

    As a mom, my baby safety is my number 1 priority. Thus, I always use clothes diaper rather using disposables to avoid rashes. Even if I will changed cloth diapers many times in a day is not an issue to me.

  27. Anna Marie M. says:

    As a mom, I always make sure the safety of my baby. Thus I always use cloth diapers since it is safe and prevents my baby for getting rashes. It is practical, economical and environmental-friendly too compared to disposables.

  28. yen says:

    it is much cheaper and practical to use cloth diaper than disposable ones

  29. agustin john cabredo II says:

    Cloth diaper is definitely better since there is less chances of getting rashes.

  30. Anna A. says:

    I like cloth diapers because they are environment-friendly and economical (washable).

  31. Nakakatipid ng bongga sa diaper kasi kapag disposable laging kasama sa budget tuwing maggrocery eh sa cd maglalaba lang sipag lang ang kailangan.

  32. Cloth diaper is more safer than ordinary diaper because it will avoid diaper rash and also its practical and so easy to use and it will not harm our mother earth unlike plastic made diapers it will not decomposed until the end of the earth yta hehehe. unlike cloth diaper its environment friendly ๐Ÿ™‚

  33. Vanessa Grace C. Lim says:

    Honestly, I haven’t tried using cloth diapers for my babies since I have no idea about it and I would like to try that’s why I’m thankful for this information and giveaway! More power!

  34. Vanessa Grace C. Lim says:

    Honestly, I haven’t tried using cloth diapers for my babies since I don’t have any idea about it that’s why I’m thankful for this information and giveaway. More power!

  35. Hannah Jurgelis says:

    I think it saves a TON of money over time. We’ve used cloth on our son since he was 2 months old.

  36. christine Tabin says:

    using cloth diapers on your children as compared to disposable diapers is more child friendly ๐Ÿ™‚

  37. Brooke Thomas says:

    Love them – we use both and cannot complain!

  38. raquel solis says:

    mas magandang gamitin ang cloth diaper mas safe para kay baby at mas makakatipid

  39. Emilie P. Udasco says:

    to be honest, I’m not using cloth diapers to my kids. Because one time, I take time to look at cloth diapers in mall but I think its too expensive. I teld my self, ‘mas mahal pala ang cloth diaper, ganun din my insert pa na need mo i-wash or i-dispose and change it din.” That’s why, I’m still using disposable diapers to my baby. But in the brighter side, I know that using disposable diapers will not help our environment. Because we keep on throwing it every where…

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