You’re Only Little for a Little While

“You’re Only Little For a Little while…”

So goes the lyrics of a lullaby that I just heard.

Indeed, it is only for a little while that Dindin is a baby. That is why I have never said that I cannot wait for such and such a stage. I cherish each day as it comes, with tantrums, sickness, loving moments and all, because I know that I cannot turn back time. Time, ahhhh…the clock turns very fast. It is as if time really flies and before you know it, you already have a teenager in your hands.

Dindin’s toddler stage, with its developmental signs, came rather early for Dindin. So we have to toddle her around even as early as 7 months. Some people think that we are forcing Dindin to grow faster. No we aren’t. Far from it, because my husband and I have decided to wait it out on her, to enjoy her infanthood. But it is hard. Because the more we keep her, the more she resists. She would rather be on the floor and on her feet than in our hands. So what can we do? We just have to let her. God has created her that way so we will not get in the way. We are just here to nurture and guide her and protect her in whatever ways we can. The rest are all up to God.

On the other side of the clock, I don’t want to delay Dindin’s development either. I just want her to grow and develop on her own pace, which is actually faster than most. That is fine with me.

It is just the realization that my baby is not a baby forever. Somehow, somewhere, I will just have to let go. And for this, I have to prepare myself.

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