Your Landscaping Could Cause a Nightmare with Basement Seepage

Your Landscaping Could Cause a Nightmare with Basement Seepage

Every homeowner wants a safe, comfortable and attractive home.  Homeowners can do multiple things to improve these aspects of their homes, but for now let’s focus on the last one.

There are many ways to improve the looks of your home, inside and out.  Indoors, you can lay new carpeting or some other type of flooring.  You can freshen up the rooms by giving them a coat or two of paint.  You can buy new kitchen appliances and bathroom fixtures.  You can install new countertops, sinks and faucets.  Or, you could put up some different window treatments – shades, blinds, curtains, and/or drapes.  And so on.

You also have a lot of options for improving the outside appearance of your home.  You can give the exterior of your home a fresh coat of paint or have it re-sided.  You can install a beautiful new entry door (maybe one with leaded glass sidelights or an etched center window pane).  But out of all the possible approaches, upgrading the landscaping is a perennial favorite.

If you decide to go that route, here’s some advice from one of the top flood control Chicago companies:  “Don’t let your landscaping create a basement seepage nightmare.”

Sure, planting some trees, shrubs and flowers can give a big boost to your home’s curb appeal.  Just make sure you plan and execute your landscaping carefully.  Otherwise, the result of all that work could turn into a nightmare by causing a wet basement.

Preventing water from collecting near the foundation is one way to help prevent basement flooding.  Unfortunately, according to many flood control companies, some landscaping activities can actually cause water to collect right where you don’t want it.  Here are two landscaping features you might want to avoid, or at least be very careful with:

  • Brick, stone or wood planting boxes positioned to sit against the foundation wall.  Planting boxes provide an appealing look, but they can also cause water to pool in all the wrong places.  Saturated ground adjacent to the foundation is an open invitation to a wet basement.
  • Planting beds that extend to the foundation.  Many homeowners have flower/shrub beds running all or part of the way around their home’s perimeter.  Most of them have been edged with a hard material (layers of stone, railroad ties, long plastic strips and so forth) that’s intended to keep the beds neat, tidy and easier to maintain.  Unfortunately, the edging can also trap water, causing it to collect too close to the foundation.

Negative grading of the ground near the foundation is an unfortunate and unintended upshot of many homeowners’ landscaping efforts.  This is a situation where the ground slopes toward the home rather than away from it as it should.  The slope of the soil causes water to collect next to the foundation instead of running away from it.

Flood control Chicago contractors know there are already too many things that can cause wet basements.  They suggest not making things worse by landscaping carelessly or without proper planning.  Every flood control company in the area knows the importance of proper yard drainage.  You should too.

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