Writing on the Sofa

Writing on the Sofa

Dindin has been learning to hold the pen and is discovering its use. At first she was so keen on using the pen only on paper but then she must have noticed that it can write on other surfaces, too.

One of the things that she tried to write on was her grandma’s sofa with a new red upholstery. But even with its dark color, the coded writings of a toddler using a ballpen with a black ink is unmistakable.

Thankfully, the writing was easily removed using some cleaning solution. I forgot when my parents had their sofa redone and who did it because the job was really well done. I remember that it was done only last year I think. And they paid good money for it. I wonder how much would a service cost at Upholstery Portland? They have a pretty a good selection and a good testimonial about their service. 😀

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