Worship the Lord

Worship the Lord

I caught Dindin singing with her music video one morning and here is the video. I did not know at first what she was mumbling, but then I learned that she was singing.

Anyway, whenever she wants to listen to these worship songs, she would ask us to play “Music.” She associates music with worship songs. I know that is limiting, but for now, at least that is her association of music–WORSHIP. And I am quite content. She will soon get to understand that music encompasses so many songs and musical instruments but for now, just let her revel in the thought that music is related to God. And I just love the thought. 😀

2 thoughts on “Worship the Lord

  1. Pepay

    I really like children singing worship songs..they are like angels… And ka nami kay dindin pamatian…hihi…ga kuti pero ga sing worship song… Amazing..

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