Working Girl

Working Girl

Last week I had been very busy. As in really busy. Running around, working on my laptop, answering the phone, sending and receiving text messages, etc. etc.

All this time, Dindin was just walking around and behind me. Or she would be watching a video on her Papa’s laptop. Or she would be playing on the bed. If she calls for me, then I would attend to her then go back to working again. This went on for more than week.

One night, Dindin was on the bed and she was busy playing/tinkering with her toys with her corded strawberry phone beside her. While I noticed her playing, I also observed after awhile that she picked up the phone and talked on it, like there was another person on the other line. She was smiling.

Then she put it back down and went back to the toys she was working on.

I realized, she must have been observing me all this time working and she must have noticed that while working I too talked on the phone once in a while.

Oh my baby! Trying to follow her working Mama.

4 thoughts on “Working Girl

  1. pepay

    saja kay dindin…. she is imitating you gid…hehe… feeling working girl man…hehe…

  2. rj's mama

    would love to see a pic of her “working” 🙂

    hope you can follow and add my blog here
    you might want to list your blog in my blog directory page too

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