With Friends

With Friends

Last Saturday, Waiman and Karen opened their home to us. Dennis has to install the vinyl decals on Kaely’s bedroom while we tagged along to play with Kaely. The family of Eugene and Dynah, Waiman’s best buddy, was also there with their four-year-old smart kiddo, Lyanna.

dindin and kaely

Dindin had a great time playing with Kaely earlier in the evening. They did not fight. They played together, as in sharing toys. Kaely kept hugging Dindin. And although she did not talk much then, Kaely called “Dindin” several times. Is it because they are “milk sisters”?? hahaha What a funny way to put it. They also enjoyed playing with Achi Yana. But Kaely called it a night early. Dindin kept playing with Yana and had a blast playing peek-a-boo with her. That is her favorite game. I was trying to observe Yana and Dindin. They were playing with Kaely’s ball blaster toy, or something like that. They played together. But when Yana would hold the balls, Dindin would just point, watch, and laugh. She did not grab the toys nor hogged them. I am not really sure how to teach Dindin to share her toys and it is not often that she gets to play with other kids, but I really like the fact that she knows how to respect others. She is very considerate. I have also noticed this earlier with Kaely. But it wasn’t as obvious as when she played with Yana.

dindin and friends

Dindin was sooo busy playing. When it was mealtime, I gave her some food. Karen prepared a yummy pizza and spaghetti meal for us. Dindin said, “Yummy” and then signed “spaghetti.” She actually knows how to say, “getti” but that time she opted to sign it.

What I did not expect was Dindin getting comfy with Waiman. When Waiman arrived for the evening, Dindin shouted “Papa” then looked away upon realizing her mistake. She would glance at Waiman from time to time and then bow her head. hihihi She knows how to be embarassed. But eventually, she cozied up to Waiman. What a surprise! She even sat on his lap while Kaely stayed on the sofa! haha Ngaa ayhan? Anong charm ni Waiman?

waiman and kids

Thank you, we had a lovely evening. Looking forward to another playdate with Kaely and Yana! πŸ˜€

5 thoughts on “With Friends

  1. dynah

    looking forward to another pizza and spaghetti!!!:)
    Yana enjoyed playing with Dindin and Kaely…feeling big sister na gid…

  2. sansan

    hahahah it was fun having you guys over! more playdates to come ha πŸ™‚

    nakibot man ko boots sng nagsabak gd si dindin kay waiman!! papa na papa guro ang aura ni waim ahaha πŸ™‚

    @dyns: manghode na gani si lyanna! dugay na ko ga-insist coz i know yana would be a GREAT big sis gid πŸ™‚

  3. admin Post author

    may tono pa na pay pagtawag. haha as in paaaa-pa! πŸ˜€ nahuya man xa.

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