Winners of “Remembering Mama” Contest

Winners of “Remembering Mama” Contest

Mommies! First of all, I would like to greet you all, “HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY!”

But before I announce the winners of my giveaway, I would like to make a statement first. There is a change in our mechanics for judging. Whereas in my mechanics I said that the three most compelling stories will each receive $5 and will be featured in my blog, Posh Post Reviews, my secret judge and I decided that we would no longer choose the winner as to who wrote the most compelling story.

You see, all of you submitted really moving, touching, inspiring stories that made us laugh, smile, and most of all cry. I cried through most of your entries and I thought, who are we to judge on the most compelling mommy story? Each mother-child relationship is unique and each one of us has his or her own story to share about our mothers.

So in order to be fair, I thought of doing something else–a raffle! I randomly picked numbers through that match the number in your entries and so I have my winners! The three of you will still get $5 each and an individual feature in my other blog at different dates.

I really hope you understand this change in the mechanics. It was so hard to decided until we said, no, no one story is better than the other. So here they are.

I believe we are all Facebook friends already, so I would need you to send me your Paypal email address for your cash prize. As for your feature, please send me a photo, some details about you, your family, as well as your blog. Don’t forget to give me your URL. 😀

So this was an easy contest and I thank you all for joining. Now here are the winners:

First winner – Entry# 14 – Jared’s Mum

Second winner – Entry #1 – Mel Cole

Third winner – Entry #2 – May

Here is an award button that you can proudly display in your blog. 😀 I am so happy for you. 😀

Remembering Mama Winner

11 thoughts on “Winners of “Remembering Mama” Contest

  1. jared's mum

    wow!i won!yay! thanks so much mommy, i enjoyed this giveaway so much, it took me awhile to write my post kc alam ko babaha ng luha when i do + it did. but it was all worth it + i know that my Mama deserves all my tears, heck, she deserves symphonies!
    this is such a nice advanced mother’s day gift 😉
    thanks again + happy mother’s day!mwah!

  2. mel cole

    Oi second ako. Yay! Congratulations to the winners and all mothers out there. 🙂 Enjoyed reading and getting to know your mothers in your stories. Kakaiba contest mo Mommy Lo, thanks for hosting. 🙂 Will add your blog to my blogroll.

  3. EJsmom

    wow! Ka nice sng badge… 🙂 congrats to the winners and happy moms day…

  4. mommy jes

    CONGRATS to all the winners!!! HOORAY! i am not so LUCKY with the random org tlga 😛

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