Winner of My Guess How Many Balls Giveaway

Winner of My Guess How Many Balls Giveaway

I am so sad that I only had 11 participants in my very easy guessing game. But that is okay, life continues and I will make the announcement already. Here are the participants and their answers:

dorry lyn – 70
mirage:bene – 82
may – 93
chubskulit – 95
keanna – 80
gene – 83
ian – 87
dharlz – 72
ruby – 93
jared’s mum – 79
nuts – 98

Actually, nobody got the correct answer. But one got close and so I will still give her $5 for it. πŸ˜€ You see, according to my friend Daphne (she was the one who counted the balls), Dindin still has the following:

1 pack of soft balls – 50
1 pack of slightly hard balls – 49

So the total number of balls is 99!

So that means, Nuts wins with her guess of 98! If you are a friend of mine on Facebook, please PM me your paypal email so that I can send your prize money! Congrats!

8 thoughts on “Winner of My Guess How Many Balls Giveaway

  1. nuts

    oh my! is that really me, i can’t believe it. I think i was the last to submit my entry.. wohooooo! what a lucky day for me!

  2. Ian Albert

    medyo kinapos kasi ako sa time, inabot ng deadline. Kaya di ko na nagawa yung evil plan ko. LOL. Heheh. Congrats to nuts and sayo din po lovinglymama. πŸ™‚

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