Why You Need to Have your Ventilation System Checked Annually

Why You Need to Have your Ventilation System Checked Annually

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The quality of air in our homes has a direct impact on health and well being. Therefore, it is extremely important that steps are taken to insure the highest standards in the air ventilation system. This helps protect everyone in the house from potentially dangerous gasses like carbon monoxide or radon that can go unnoticed and be deadly.

Properly filtered and vented air circulation are essential in keeping mold and mildew under control. These are well known to increase or even cause allergic reactions, trigger asthma attacks, as well as a host of other respiratory infections. Moisture control is another key benefit in properly working air ventilation systems, and many of them include dehumidifiers. Excess moisture in the air can accelerate rot and decay in several areas of the typical home. The wood work around window sills and attic eaves are particularly vulnerable. This causes a loss in insulation, allows insect infestation, and allows paint to peel faster. All these translate into expensive damage repair.

Overly humid air creates an environment conducive for mold, and we all know how this can damage everything in the house from furniture to carpet, to the clothes in our closets. The basic idea for a ventilation system is simply, good air in, bad air out, and hopefully, to do this cost effectively and efficiently. Air moves into and out of, and from room to room because of differences in air pressure, therefore keeping this in balance is part of the objective in air circulation.

Regardless of the type of ventilation system employed, it can now be seen why it is so critically important to inspect and implement routinely, the manufacturer’s suggested maintenance procedures. Changing the air filters at least once a month is the one greatest thing that the home owner can do their self to insure proper ventilation is maintained. An annual inspection is absolutely mandatory for keeping any air ventilation system in top working condition. This can save thousands of dollars in repair and replacement in the long run.

Unless the home owner is experienced in how to go about an inspection and knows what to look for, it is recommended to seek the services of a licensed HVAC professional technician. They have the specialized training and tools for the job that most home owners do not. Inadequacies in insulation, duct work, vent locations, and coolant fluid levels, are just a few of the potential problem areas they can help to identify. They have access to the latest available technology and equipment and can make money saving suggestions to insure optimal performance out of the air circulation system. It becomes clear that breathing healthy air in our homes must be a priority for everyone’s well-being and comfort.

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