Why the Right Store Layout is Important

Why the Right Store Layout is Important

Today’s sophisticated shoppers have definite expectations of their shopping experience. They expect shopping to be enjoyable, pleasant and hassle free. It is vital for retailer’s to achieve optimal store layout in order to appeal to the wants and tastes of customers. There is a lot of competition in today’s marketplace. Store owners need to stand out. Giving shoppers a great experience can be one way of doing that.

The current layout in our family’s store.

Gone are the days when arranging the store layout was the domain of the shop owners. There is a lot of competition with online stores, so shoppers have to be really incentivised to visit a bricks and mortar store. They need to have a good experience. Experts like http://www.tuprojects.com/ have spent a lot of time and money understanding shopping trends and developing the ability to maximise customer experience. It is a very worthwhile investment to utilise the services of professionals as the efficacy of your store layout, or otherwise, will play an important role in the success of your business.

The Shopping Experience

The advantage the bricks and mortar store is that customers can come in and check out the look and feel of the products for sale. They can try them on, pick them up turn them over, they can have an experience. You will never know how the fabric of a t-shirt feels without trying it on or rubbing it between your fingers. It is this need for the real life experience of products that retailers need to maximise. This is where they have it all over online retailers. The key here is to turn a visit to their store into a great experience; shop layout and design plays an important part in this.


Store layout also needs to create maximum convenience for the shopper. If finding or reaching things in your store is perceived as difficult, you may not get repeat custom. Shop space is expensive so the trick is to make the best possible use of the space, while making the physical act of shopping as convenient for your customers as you possibly can. Again, this is best left in the hands of experts. The importance of customer convenience in the success of your store cannot be overemphasised.

One of the issues that need to be considered is shelf height. The most popular range should be at eye level. Also, similar items should be placed together. A confusing layout will rarely be successful. The layout of a store will directly affect consumer’s behaviour, including buying patterns. In the case of branded products, like name brand clothes, it is common to keep the brand together rather than to cluster the clothing type. This is because consumers are often attracted to a particular brand and it will often have its own point-of-sale marketing material.

Bricks and mortar retailers can very rarely compete with their online counterparts in pricing, so it is imperative that they use their point of difference – the physical aspect of shopping – to their advantage.

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