Why I’m The Best Mom Contest

Why I’m The Best Mom Contest

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I am the best Mom ever because I try to follow the parenting example in the Bible, “..do not exasperate your children (Colossians 3:21).” I believe that many children become rebellious because they are exasperated in the way rules are implemented in the house. I try to make clear cut rules for Dindin in a manner that she understands and I try to stand by them so that she will not have doubts, questions or problems in obeying them.

(This is a very hard post for me because I have never thought of myself as the best mom. In fact, I do not consider myself as one. I am one of many who groped daily with what to do when my child has a tantrum, is sick, refuses to eat, or wants her way in things. I can only say that my motherhood is only through His grace. I use the word “try” because honestly, I had not been perfect, but just trying my best not to exasperate Dindin.)

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