While Fixing Her Skirt

While Fixing Her Skirt

Today, we went to the printer’s, to a client’s office, and then the post office to mail the postcards for the post-crossing moms. Dindin helped us stick the stamps, too. hehe The we went to the grocery. All these we did in 1 hour and 15 minutes. LOL That was pretty fast.

Anyway, when we went home, I carried Dindin on the way up the stairs because we were in a hurry to go up. When I put her down near our bedroom door, she took up her slippers when she went in the room and tried to fix her skirt that were folded up while I was carrying her. She had a hard time fixing her skirt that she said, “This skirt is….TROUBLE!” Hhahahaha Trouble? Where’s she get that? She was trying to find the right word to describe her skirt and that was the best that she could muster. LOL Silly baby!

By the way, do you know that if you use your HSBC Mastercard and rake up a single receipt purchase of P2000, you get a P100 Sodexho gift certificate from SM? You can then use it either at the Department Store, Supermarket, Toy Kingdom or Ace Hardware. I am collecting our receipts for this purpose. That is why I try to make our purchases reach that amount, like if we go to the grocery, we charge all of Dindin’s needs to reach that. After all, her milk consumption for a month is worth more than that. We also do this for our fuel consumption. We gas up worth P2000 every time. No need for a reward card to claim. You just present your charge receipts, credit card, and valid ID at the customer service of SM and you get a gift certificate.

I am trying to save all our GCs so that when it reaches more than P1000 I will claim milk and Cerelac from SM Supermarket. I think this is great savings.

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