Where Do You Live?

We have taught Dindin how to say her name, her parents’ names, her grandparents’ names, and the name of our house. But I forgot that I have not taught her our complete address.

So I had been repeating it to her only in two occasions recently, including tonight. Then I realized how cute she is as she says, “Bacolod” so I took the video that you will see below. By the way, she still could not memorize our address completely, so I think we will have to go through it again. teehee

6 responses to “Where Do You Live?

  1. awwwwww…Dindin..u really never fail to put a smile in me…never get tired of watching this little girl’s video..so amazing at age 2….

  2. Hahaha! Slang ever!

  3. I love her accent! Parang yung panganay ko lang nung Ingglisera pa haha!

  4. Ay bongga!!! hahahhhah! ka cute! :)

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