When Dindin Falls Down

I try not to be a very protective parent. I give Dindin freedom to explore and to treat the world as one big adventure. But I also provide safety nets so that whenever she has a slip, a bump or a fall, it is not that she will have a major or permanent damage.

But despite what I do, I know that I cannot fully protect my daughter. Sometimes, she hits her head several times a day. What can I do? I am with her most of the time, but it only takes less than a second for her to gain a bump or a red patch on the different parts of her body.

I am very concerned with hits in the head. But what can I really do? I cannot place my baby inside a bubble. And for a very energetic kid like mine, she is always on her toes wandering around. I can only play for protection and for God’s quick restoration. And that Dindin will be protected from major accidents.

She is asleep now and I can see peace on her face. How lovely to look at. I know that she will not be my baby forever. But for now, I know that it is my responsibility to see her grow up well.

And I know that all mothers out there share the same sentiment.

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