When a Mother Gets Hooked to Gambling

When a Mother Gets Hooked to Gambling

When I was pregnant with Dindin, hubby and I went to Robinsons Place. We were on the second floor when we saw a young girl, probably a little more than a year old, going down the winding staircase from the third floor! I was totally scared that I asked hubby to go up to the child and see if the parents are around.

He could not find them so we brought the child down and turned her over to the guard. She still could not talk yet and she just probably went with my hubby because she was so scared to go down or go back up by herself. Poor child. We went on our way and when we came back to the guard, we were informed that they already found the child’s mother and she was playing Bingo so she did not notice that her daughter had already wandered until she was paged. Waaaaa

I also remember my mother’s story of how my grandmother would not come home overnight because she played mahjong till I do not know when. Thank God my mother never knew how to play. I am not sure if she could not play or she just shunned the game altogether because the effects of mahjong addiction to her own family.

I am not into gambling but I got a taste of it when we tried playing arcade at World of Fun. You see, Dindin won a gift certificate worth P100 so we decided to play it before the GCs expired. But instead of Dindin getting hooked, I was the one who continued playing and in two days spent about P800. Imagine that. Thank goodness that it is only at World of Fun (WOF) and not a real slot machine in the casino!

arcade prizes

There are the prizes that we got on the first day that we played at WOF. Spend only P40 because of the P100 gift certificate.

You see, I know that I have the tendency to be addicted to something. I don’t start watching TV because if I start I can go on the whole day or the whole night just watching my favorite series. I did not start playing those interactive Facebook games because if I do, I know that I would not get any work done.

I just tried out the arcade and got addicted. Spending that much money did not take long. That is why I have resolved that the next time that we go there, it will only be Dindin who shall do the playing.

That is why it is very hard for a mother to get addicted to something. The family will really be neglected. The mother uses up the family’s resources and she becomes absent, spending more time in the thing that has gotten her hooked. This does not mean just gambling. It could be addiction to watching teleseryes, addiction to talking on the phone, addiction to Facebook, addiction to food, or pretty much anything else that has taken over your life. It can include career.

So if you are a mom, think twice before starting something that can get you hooked. Your family will be sacrificed in the process.

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