What? Amoebiasis?

We went to the doctor today. It is the fourth day and the frequent bowel movement continues. It has become solid because we gave Dindin banana. But it is still frequent. Today, just before going to the doctor, we changed nappies three times.

What made us decide to go to the doctor was the bloodstain on the diaper that looked like menstrual blood. The doctor called it mucoid with blood streak.

She prescribe hydration salts (Hydrite) to replace electrolytes and then required a stool examination. She also recommended some Zinc into Dindin’s diet. Her suspicion is either some bacterial infection or amoebiasis. Right now, Dindin is asleep. I am just thankful that Dindin has always been her energetic self, although she had pooped 25 times the last four days. Please help pray for Dindin. I really pray this is not amoebiasis because otherwise, Dindin will have to take some antibiotics, which I do not really like considering that she has had antibiotics from the time she was still in my womb. The less drugs the better, or so I think.

How to get stool sample from babies.

1. Put the diaper on the baby inside out. The cotton part should be outside so that the plastic part can contain the stool.

2. Get a stool sample, including watery discharge, mucoid and blood.

3. Put sample in a new plastic container or a sterile plastic container.

4. Bring to the lab for analysis within 30 minutes.


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