Weird Pregnancy Symptoms

Weird Pregnancy Symptoms

I don’t have a regular menstrual period so I did not know that I was pregnant. I just want to list down here the weird pregnancy symptoms that I experienced. I did not experience morning sickness actually, which was fine with me, but I felt other things.
1. Chills. Even though it was kinda warm, especially in church, I felt chilly, like when the cool December wind passes by in the evening. I did not have fever, I just felt chilly.
2. Weird smelling urine. I dunno how to describe it, it just smells weird.
3. Burp. Yep! I burped a lot.
4. Fart. Flatulence became very prevalent during the early stages of pregnancy. They weren’t smelly, just very loud. hahaha

3 thoughts on “Weird Pregnancy Symptoms

  1. Shengkay

    waaaahhhh….the fart part..really mommy?..
    ako when i was pregnant parang wala lang..malakas din pang amoy ko sa floor wax.. for some reason i always smell it kahit na kapitbahay pa yung nag floorwax..
    ..aside from that i eat a lot..kahit ano but mostly sweets and chicken..I also love baboy with langka with lots and lots of tamarind! yummy!

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