Weekly Parties

Weekly Parties

It seems that Dindin is growing up to be a party girl. I don’t mean it in a derogatory manner. It is just that she gets invited to so many birthday parties left and right. If I remember correctly, we attended a couple of parties in January, got invited in 1 but we were not able to go, another 2 in February, and another 2 this month, including her own.

And there will also be two more this coming April. Imagine that. She goes to an average of 2 parties each month. hehe I am not sure about May but I am sure that we are attending another one in June. Yeah, only birthday parties, so far we have not received communion invitations.

Anyway, here is a couple of photos during a party last Feb. 26 that we attended at the Sanctuario de La Salle.

Whereas in the past I found attending kiddie parties as boring, we try to take Dindin to each and every single birthday celebration that we get invited to because she has so much fun. And for us, that is a good learning experience, to be exposed to other kids, and to make new friends. And she has been good at that. She is really well behaved in parties that is why it is easy to take her along with us.

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    I think it’s good for her to get invited to parties because she gets to socialize with other kids and won’t be shy around people.

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