Water the Plants

Water the Plants

When Dindin was younger and was still struggling with walking, I would carry her on my hip, hold her with my left arm and water the plants using a water hose with my right hand. Dindin would silently watch me as I water everything. Sometimes I would call out to her the elements in the garden. Sometimes, we just both listen to the sound of the water hitting the different leaves and we would marvel as the sight of everything getting wet. Then we would say goodbye to everything, open the door, close the door, and then go in.

I find watering the plants a nice activity and also reminiscent of my childhood. I love the outdoors and I love having a garden. Thankfully, we have a small garden her at the third floor of Wilmar Enterprises. Despite living on a commercial area where the residences are located at the topmost floor of the building, Papa William has allocated a small portion of the house to a small garden. He loves having a garden, and so we have a small one complete with a pond filled with koi and janitor fish, a tub with a couple of turtles, and also an aquarium with small fishes like the hammerhead. When I was a child, I would help in the weeding of our garden, in the burning of dried leaves so that the smoke will ward off mosquitoes, and in the watering of plants. I would like Dindin to learn and enjoy these outdoor activities. They are work to some, but it can also be fun. 😀

But since Dindin can now walk and balance herself pretty well, I taught her to water the plants using her water sprinkler. This was one of the toys that we got at Toy Kingdom of SM City Bacolod because some guests gave Dindin gift certificates during her birthday. It is a nice smiling green water sprinkler. 😀 Look at her cute photos below.

dindin water plants

However, Dindin found it hard to lift the sprinkler and aim it an angle in such a way that the water will come out of the spout and water the plants.

So instead, she sat on the crushed rock and put the stones inside the sprinkler. When I asked her what she was doing, she said, “Wash…stones.” Oh okay. Whatever you fancy, baby.

dindin water plants2

Eventually, however the stones were already leaving red marks on her legs so I got her a piece of her rubber puzzle mat that had the number 3 on it. Dindin was very happy to be sitting on number 3. She said, “Sit…three.” hahaha

Then she started counting to herself. Here is one of the series of counting from 1 to 10 that she did. She knows how to count from 1 to 10, but sometimes, she likes counting odd numbers. I am actually teaching her to count even numbers now because of the way she likes to count. hahaha I just like her laugh at the ending, don’t you? 😀

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  1. pepay


    mu na na sugpon sg 10 subong..hahaha… cute2 kay din.. she looks nice in green… 😀 kadlawan nya lawas nya..hihi..

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