Wanting to Buy a New Christmas Tree

Wanting to Buy a New Christmas Tree

G-Post — It is almost December now and it only means one thing–Christmas is around the corner! The air is quite cool now, but not cold to warrant a fox fur coat. At least we are no longer sweating buckets at night like we do for the rest of the year (yeah, the entire year is summer time). But during the day, oh well, it is just the same.

Anyway, I am really hoping to go downtown this week and get a new Christmas tree and some additional ornaments so that our decors would look different this year. It will still be the same height as last year’s but I wanted to get something fluffier that won’t look cheap. Where to put it, however, is a big question since our living room now is full of boxes of stocks for Dindin’s little “business”. hehe

I really hope that I can do it this week so that at least, our Christmas tree will still have at least a month’s stint on the living before we take it down. And of course, Dindin will just be so happy with it.

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