Wanted: Electric Fan

Wanted: Electric Fan

Yeah, we need a big electric fan in the room, desk fan to be exact, because we do not have space for a stand fan and I don’t want to drill another hole on the wall for a wall fan. We do have one but there was a part that broke down and we need to buy parts for it.

The problem is, we do not have the time to go downtown and buy that particular part. Gee, nothing is wrong with our fan except for that broken part, so if it is replaced, we can use it again.

Right now, what we are using is a small rechargeable fan. While it is nice because we can use it during power interruptions, we wanted something bigger so that we can minimize the use of the air con. Sometimes we just need some air to circulate in the room. But because our fan is so small and does not oscillate, it cannot cool Dindin and myself, especially that we are not really together in one place all the time. I am not really looking for Hunter fans, but something that can cool us during the day and night without having to use the air con because it eats up so much electricity. Our old fan can still do, it just has to be fixed soon before the really hot summer days come!

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