Video and Reading Times

Video and Reading Times

As far as we can remember, we already introduced Dindin to reading. We would just open books and by the time she was 4-5 months old, she would already turn the pages herself. As for video, she started sitting down to watch when she was already about a year old old. Before that, her attention span was very short so it came quite late.

But by this time, she can remember her videos already. Whenever we say the words Kai Lan, Wonder Pets, Signing Time or Video, she would look at her Papa’s laptop and point towards it. Sometimes, she would beg us (in her own words) to turn the video on. If her Papa is beside her, she would push her Papa’s hand towards the laptop. If not, she would dive on the side of the bed where the laptop is near and would try to reach the keyboard, as if to push the right keys in order to put on her videos.

And tonight, we opened her rhyming book and chanced upon Humpty Dumpty. We read it until our attention was shifted to a toy. Eventually, she opened another book, Baby Einstein’s Mama and Me animal book. We were reading about the polar bear, then the orangutan. She got engrossed with the orangutan and she would sign at the picture. After reading the page, I turned it to the whale. She got the book from me and returned to the previous page about the orangutan, as she was not yet through reading it. Whew!

Then I got up because her Papa came over. It was their time to read. They continued reading the animal book. But I had the Humpty Dumpty words in my mind so I kept repeating it even without thinking while I had my back towards them. Dennis told me that whenever I would recite Humpty Dumpty, Dindin would reach out to the Rhyme Book. When I would stop, she would continue with the animal book. But I kept reciting the rhyme several more times, and she did the same each time. Dennis told me about it, so I tried it. And indeed that is what she did. She knew that the Humpty Dumpty story belonged to the rhyme book. So I stopped doing it so that she could proceed with her reading.

Dindin also has a Baby Einstein Touch and Feel book (thank God for BookSale!!!). Each animal has a sampling of the skin of the animal being referred to and she enjoys touching the different surfaces that sometimes, whenever she sees similar animals in another book, she would also try to feel them.

She also has book about a Robin. The book instructs that whenever we would see the picture of Rosie the Robin, we should press the button and hear Rosie sing. Dindin also knows how to do that by now.

The other night, I fed her. She was already sleepy. So I carried her to try to lull her to sleep. Suddenly, she got up and pointed towards her books. And she signed “hands together”. She wanted me to get the Bible story book that contained her nighttime prayers. It was a routine that she and her Papa would do almost every night. And even though she was already sleepy, she remembered and asked me to get the book for her. We could learn a lesson from her here. Never forget your bedtime prayers.

It is amazing how she can comprehend and perceive these things already, being only 1 year and 2 weeks old. That is why I am trying to record these developments. I keep on forgetting.

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