Verbal Exchanges

Verbal Exchanges

I was on my computer yesterday when Dindin suddenly blurted beside me, “Kwa (get)”. I asked her what shall I get and she took my hand and directed it under the bed. She wanted me to get something from under the bed.

But when I tried to look, I couldn’t find it, so Dindin asked, “Where’d it go?” As in she used that contraction.


We were playing with her new cash register last night that Uncle Robert gave her. I would push the button and she would say something on the microphone. She liked how the microphone amplified her voice. But when I left her, she continued to speak on the mic. Then she wondered why her voice remained the same, she asked, “Ay…why no?” hehehe So coñoti.

We were having lunch the other day and Dindin was already feeding herself. She looked over her Papa’s plate and mine and hers and this is what she said:

Dindin: Papa is eating spaghetti. Mama is eating spaghetti. Dindin is eating cake.

So true! hehehe


The three of us were lying down on the bed when Papa Dennis asked, “What do you want to eat?”

I answered, “Whatever you like.”

Dindin replied, “Ice.” hahahaha


Tonight, the three of us were already lying down on the bed. Papa and Mama were still discussing about the life of John Estrada and his friendship with Willie Revillame when Dindin suddenly asked for “Titi.” “Titi.” “Titi.”

After asking three times, Dindin rolled over me and kissed me right smack on my lips, as if to tell me, “Shut up and make my dede.”

Dennis then asked me, “Utod to ni…” Before he could finish his question, Dindin replied, “Utot Dindin.” Waahahahaha At least, she’s honest! hahahaha

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  1. karla

    hahaha! ahay, speechless ko sa mga moments nyo with badin ng..hehe..sadya sa iya.. 😀

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