Mama Moments #1: Veiled Faces

Mama Moments #1: Veiled Faces

Dindin is my true follower because she literally follows me. LOL

Last time, I had a quick check on my laptop for some updates right after I went out of the shower. But since my hair was still wet, I had my towel wrapped all over my head. When I was through, I glanced to where Dindin was and she already put her shorts over head. She must have thought that I had an interesting headdress and she also wanted one for herself. LOL I just had to take a picture of us–a rare moment. haha

And last time, she was watching a video when she came up to me and gave me a cloth diaper. She said, “Mama wear hat” because she was already wearing one like a veil. She thinks that everything placed on the head is called a hat. So here are the two of us wearing veils on our heads. hahaha

cloth diaper veil

This also goes to show that our parenting is really mostly by example. Most of what our kids learn are our actions and reactions, as showed by Dindin, and not by words (or sermons).

This is my first time to start a meme and I hope that mommies out there will join. I know that what we share in our blogs are all Mama Moments so all you need to do is grab my button and link up here.

Please read the rules here.

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11 thoughts on “Mama Moments #1: Veiled Faces

  1. Mirage

    Nako mommy, thanks sa info, prob ko yan since nawawala yun link sa image pag publish ko πŸ™

    Natawa naman ako uli nakita ko tong post mo πŸ™‚

  2. arcee

    i’m joining in the meme later. for now, blogrolling muna. add me, too, sis. TIA!

  3. shengkay

    join din kami ni Iris..

    Kami naman terno in green..

    Pa-add naman sa blogroll mo..add din kita..thanks! mwah!

  4. Iris by Shengkay

    ay chure mommy lo..nakalimut si ako..grab the badge already..

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