Valentine’s Day/Chinese New Year

Valentine’s Day/Chinese New Year

The Chinese New Year this year coincided with Valentine’s Day, so the mall decors are pretty interesting and very colorful. It is the Year of the Tiger so there are a lot of tiger toys.

Well the celebrations fell on a Sunday so Dindin wore a Chinese costume (cheong sam or ki pao) to church. It was given to her by another Tita Jenny from Manila during her birthday. It was still kinda loose but well it looked pretty good on her. She wore it with the headbands and faux pigtails that her 2chim gave her.

Dindin’s hair is still rather short. Her bangs are pretty much her hairline.

chinese new year 2

So it’s Chinese New Year spent worshipping the Lord in a Chinese Church. Or at least our mother church is a Chinese Church. lol

chinese new year

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