Using the Nebulizer During Cough

Using the Nebulizer During Cough

When Dindin has a cough, she usually has very sticky phlegm. She often throws up when she coughs just to expel. But sometimes, she can’t and she would just cough and cough.

That is because there are just so many allergens all around us. Dust, chemicals, fumes, animal excrement–you name it. We don’t really have a 3m full face respirator and well, even if we do, she can’t possibly wear it all day every day right?

So we do use the nebulizer on her from time to time. Sometimes, we just put NSS in there or sometimes we mix it with Salbutamol. Doing this softens the phlegm and the cough goes away faster.

I am so happy that we bought the nebulizer when she was younger. Although she doesn’t have asthma, it does help a lot when she has a cough. So thankful for this buy. It was well worth it.

4 thoughts on “Using the Nebulizer During Cough

  1. pynky

    indeed..nebulizer helps…been using it from my eldest son up to this time that he is 15 years old and also by his younger brother who is a 3 year old toddler ๐Ÿ˜€

  2. Jubilee C. Prades

    Nebulizer is very helpful and safe talaga. instead na uminon ng cough medicines apo ko, ito lang din ginagamit nila! ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. jeraldine tolentino

    Nebulizer is really a big help especially for the babies who doesnt know how to spit,hindi lang sya for cough mabisa din sya lalo na sa may sipon malaking tulong talaga.

  4. Heart Calimlim

    Thankful on nebulizer because it really helps my kids to breathe and this is one of the gadget I won’t trade ๐Ÿ™‚

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