Using Her Feet

Using Her Feet

Dindin started walking and running pretty early. She would also jump and dance and also stomp her feet. But lately, around a week now, I have observed that she found another use for her feet…and that is picking things up with them or moving things with them.

Last time, she was bottle feeding while lying on the bed. She was holding her bottle by herself. I lied down beside her and put a plush toy beside her leg. Feeling that something soft was brushing on her leg, she lifted it up and used her feet to move the toy between her legs. Once they were in a position that she can clamp them, she picked it up using her feet and directed the toy upwards where she can reach it. She then removed one hand from her bottle and picked the toy, this time with her hand, so that she can inspect what thing I put near her.

Today, we went out in the car. It was pretty hot in the car even with the aircon on because our car’s windshield is not tinted. So I used a native paypay to fan her, especially her sweaty head. But then she got the fan from me. She toyed with it for a while until she dropped it on floor. Since she was sitting on the seat while I am holding her on her waist, she could not pick up the fan. So instead, she picked up the fan using her sandalled feet and played with it again. When it fell down the second time, she repeated the procedure. Never have I imagined that she can already conjure such solutions to her problems.

Or maybe, I am just underestimating Dindin’s capacities?

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  1. dreamers

    hay baby dindin…papa is very proud of you…my baby girl. 😀 i love you sooo much! 😀

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