Using a Lot of School Supplies

Using a Lot of School Supplies

As much as I can, I get Dindin involved in arts and crafts to help develop her imagination and fine motor skills.

I say as much as I can because honestly, I do not have all the time in the world to do. If I could, I would spend the day working with her on projects. The problem is, I just do not have enough time on my hands.

Anyway, because of our arts and crafts, we get to use a lot of supplies. We have pens, erasers, pencils, scissors of all shapes, paste, glue, glue and a lot of papers. We also have different kinds of tapes–masking tape, packing tape, transparent tape, and double-sided tape. What we don’t have is vhb tape because we don’t really need high-quality sticking.

Just yesterday, I already bought a new jar of starch paste because her old one expired and we don’t know when we will use it again. We just might start doing origami soon.

But this is fun. If we had more time, then I could probably engaged Dindin to do more things. Actually, I already did that yesterday. Today, however, it is a different thing because I have so many things to do. So Dindin is back to watching videos again. hehe

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