Understanding Concepts

Understanding Concepts

Sleep Na

Dindin can just seem to understand what we are talking about and what we tell her.

Today we planned to go to Gaisano City Bacolod to have our grocery. We intended to leave between 5:30pm to 6:00pm, as Gaisano’s mall hours end at 8:30pm.

Dindin usually takes her afternoon naps at 1:30pm. It was already a little past 2 but she was still awake. I told her, “Dindin go to sleep na. We will go to Gaisano later and kaluoy sa imo if you are sleepy. You will not be able to enjoy.” She was walking around the room when I told her that and so she came to me and said, “Dede na, sleep na.” So I carried her to bed and gave her the bottle. I turned around to do something. In about 3 minutes, she said “I’m done.” When I looked at her, she was holding her bottle up towards me, but her eyes were already closed. She was already fast asleep!


Dindin woke up around 5:30pm so I fed her and gave her a bottle of milk to drink, which she all dutifully consumed. Yep! Her appetite has really increased. While she was feeding on her bottle, I changed her nappies and put on her pants. When she was done, she immediately went down the bed and found a pen that I inadvertently left on the other side of the bed. She would not give the pen to me nor did she want to put on her shirt. Her Papa and I cajoled her into giving up the pen. But she would not.

This is what I did:

I held up her shirt and told her, “You give that pen to Papa and put on your shirt or you keep that pen and stay her with Manang Salvie (the househelper). She did grumble a few unintelligible words but she readily gave the pen to Papa and came to me so that I can put on her shirt. We praised her for the good choice that she made and then we went on our way.

Pen or Pa-pa?
That night, the ballpen somehow found its way into Dindin’s hands. I had to ask her to give it to me again because it was not writing time. I asked her if she wanted the pen or the pa-pa? Dindin readily gave the pen to her Papa and went happily away. She knew her choices, she could keep the pen and be punished. Good girl! 😀

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  1. pepay

    ahay a… when i go back next year… dako na si badin.. pero sige lang.. i’ll still be fond of her gid gyapun biskan big girl na siya.. 😀 smart na gid

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