Ultrasound on Saturday

Ultrasound on Saturday

I am already 4.5 months pregnant, around 20 weeks of pregnancy, give or take. We are hoping to be able to get an ultrasound appointment on Saturday to learn the gender of my baby. We are really excited. We are really excited to know if he or she is a girl of boy. People’s guesses differ. But I know what God has promised to me and I know that He is faithful to fulfill His promise. And well, if He does change His mind, He has the right to do so. But whatever He blesses us with, we are thankful.

Why Saturday? Because it is my husband’s day off. And I wouldn’t want him to miss the opportunity of seeing our baby in 2D.

Yup, day off. Because since last Monday my hubby has started working at Teletech. So at least both of us are working now. He still continues to work at the store after his work at Teletech. Which has been fine so far.

Well, that is it for the updates. πŸ˜€

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  1. herms

    Hi Boots your preggy again? Congratulations! hope the child will be a boy para pares kay Din…but then another girl is still a blessing…

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