Two Very Different Encounters with Santa Claus at the Mall

Two Very Different Encounters with Santa Claus at the Mall

Santa Claus

Santa Claus at Robinsons and SM

As many of you know, we did not teach Dindin that Santa Claus is the giver of gifts on Christmas. For her, Santa Claus has the same stature as Elmo, Jollibee, or Tinkerbell. It has always been Mama, Papa, family, and friends who give us gifts.
Santa Claus is a fictional character. And we don’t have problems with that.

But she knows who Santa is so when we saw Santa Claus at the mall, it was a perfect photo opportunity. The first encounter was at Robinsons Place Bacolod. I think the malls do hire these Santas to roam around the mall to greet customers and also give cheer to the kids. At Robinsons, the Santa stopped, picked up Dindin, chatted and posed for a photo op with the happy kid before walking away. Look at how jolly he is in the photo.

The second Santa that we met was at SM City Bacolod. We spotted him at the Bridgeway and when he saw us, he motioned for Dindin to come to him near the wall for a photo op. I asked him if he could carry Dindin because obviously, he was so tall and Dindin would be very far from him in the photo. He curtly replied, “No.”

So I was like, “Oh okay” and just proceeded with taking the picture. After the shot, he swiftly turned away without even saying goodbye. I hate to say this, but it seemed that the Santa at SM wasn’t in the mood for some holiday cheer. Maybe he was having a “bad beard day”. Too bad. Maybe he shouldn’t have been Santa because kids would be devastated with his behavior. Thank goodness Dindin did not notice what he did. She would have been more devastated if Jollibee did that to her–that would surely break her heart.

5 thoughts on “Two Very Different Encounters with Santa Claus at the Mall

  1. pynky

    nahadlok guro si SM santa..
    basi makakas iya nga long white curly beard…HAHHAHA
    or he feels very hot wearing the costume.
    amona gakurisong sya…
    kita mo mommy..
    niwang yah ang SM santa
    (nainitan gd sya guro sa suksuk nya..WAHAHHAHA!)
    compare sa JOlly Robinsons Santa?!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Yami

    Ang sungit naman pala ni Santa #2. He should not have worn the Santa costume in the first place. ‘Di kaya si Grinch ‘yan pretending to be Santa. LOL

    1. Loving Mama Post author

      Oo nga e. I think that they should not just hire anybody for that role. Being Santa does not just come with the suit. ๐Ÿ™

  3. jared's mum

    lucky Dindin! Jared has yet to meet Santa this year. Our plan to visit the mall in the metro for a photo opp failed when the little man fell a bit ill last weekend!

    I do not think I will be in any mood to meet a Santa as grumpy as he is! ๐Ÿ™

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