Turning to Music

These days, I have been finding myself alone in the room. Dindin is away at school during the morning and she comes back in about two to three hours. The yaya usually stays with her in school so that we can save on the transportation costs. I make use of this time to work online, do my errands outside of the house, and maybe take a nice, long bath so that when she comes back I am ready to welcome her with open arms, give her a hug and kiss, ask about her day in school, and what her activities are.

When Dindin gets home, she would soon barrage me with stories and eventually ask me to do things around. hehe

While I enjoy this short alone time, it can sometimes be lonely and I would realize that I am in fact lonely when I turn to music for solace. It is not that I am ready for complicated music stuff that involves Hipshot Tuners, no, I just download some music videos from YouTube and would play them from my laptop. It doesn’t sound too good, but at least I am hearing something other than the tap of my keyboard.

I think the little one growing inside me appreciates the fact that I am listening to music, too. While he or she may not really know it but the fact that music soothes me must also have a calming effect on my unborn.

Soon Dindin’s hours at school will be longer and I would have more time to do my work. I certainly do miss her but I consider this as a welcome respite–a time for rest. And well, this is some downtime for me before the second one is born. 😀 Because when the time comes, my hands and feet will be full! hahaha

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