Tumbling on the Bed

Tumbling on the Bed

How many times did I find Dindin on her head attempting to tumble? Many, many times! But I am a scared mom so I always try to dissuade her from doing so. But little did I know that her Papa allows her, too, that is why she got so good at it.

On the night we got this video, Dindin had been tumbling several times already until we remembered to take a vid. This was also my first time to see her do this. When I saw how comfortable she was, I got confident as well. But of course, I kept trying to protect her when she was already near the edge of the bed. I am scared out of my wits!

By the way, I am thinking of starting a Dindin Fashion Blog. I am not sure yet if I am just going to use blogger or wordpress as her platform, or I would really buy a domain for it? hmmm

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