Tried Progress Gold

Tried Progress Gold

Pediasure is getting to be too expensive for us and for Dindin’s growing appetite. If we let her, she will consume P6,000 worth of Pediasure a month. That is milk only. But she also has other needs. And on top of all that, she gained only 300 grams in a month and a half. So maybe, it is time to downgrade her milk.

Suppose we can afford to continue her on Pediasure, we will probably not be able to buy her other stuff anymore or go places. That is sad.

So last Monday, we started her on the small can of Progress Gold 1 to 3 years old that we bought from Gaisano City. At first, it was pure Progress Gold. She seemed to take it well. Then on the second day, we tried mixing Progress Gold with some Cerelac. She consumed the entire small can with the Cerelac extender in 4 days. So far so good. But she will has some Pediasure left. So we will let her continue with Pediasure first and then her next milk would be Progress Gold.

And yes, we do add Cerelac to her milk as extender. In her bottle, I would put half milk-half Cerelac ratio. That saves me half of the expense of milk. She is supposed to eat Cerelac but would not. And yet, she will drink it if it goes in her bottle. So far so good. I just saved on milk, but she did not gain much either. As long as she is healthy I am already happy. By the way, we only use the Cerelac Rice & Soya and Cerelac Mixed Fruits has just the right consistency. The Cerelac Wheat Banana is just too thick and clumpy. Although it passes through the bottle’s hole, it makes Dindin’s pooping a little difficult. The Brown Rice and Milk and the Wheat and Milk are also quite heavy.

Her pediatrician recommended that she on Heraclene again. I am not very enthusiastic about the idea because in terms of appetite, Dindin doesn’t need a stimulant. She eats well and drinks a lot of milk. But her doctor said that she needs to put on more muscle mass. Hmmm…we will see after about a month of Progress Gold as it has whey protein–a known amino acid that will surely pack on pounds but not make the child fatty.

So next cut off date for my credit card, it will be Progress Gold already for Dindin. πŸ˜€

5 thoughts on “Tried Progress Gold

  1. Proud Mommy of Three

    As for PediaSure, I am considering of buying them for the kids, Micah and David. As for Bella, I am thinking more about Promil Gold. I am not sure yet but somehow it seems to be attractive as of now. I will try to buy her a can of Promil Gold after she turns one year old. πŸ™‚

  2. Dhadha

    Mommy, Progress gold 1-3 ang milk ni Kimy pagstart ya gd 1yr old. Gaugtas ko to promise kay amo gd na gna pilit sng pedia nya sa iya. So go, ok ko eh. galing prob ko to is si Kimy wla gd ya gatambok. Another thing, tungod to gasuka sya pirmi and gna constipate. Meaning d gd sya ya kasaho. And last month sng nag masakit kmi, naglakat kmi sa isa ka pedia and nag try kmi ask kung ano ma recomend nya na milk for Kimy. amo na to dayuon ang Pediasure. Sbng after 1 month, na notice ko lng na medyo gahabok na si Kimy (thank God) and wla na gd sya gasuka kg constipate. πŸ™‚

    Another thing, ga Mosegor sbng si Kimy. Same mn sila na gro ka Heraclene. Kay gusto ko gd ya magtambok si Kimy. Hehehe. πŸ™‚

    PS: Basi si Dindin mkasaho sa Progress Gold. Hamblan mko ha. Thanks gle sa pagshare sng about sa Cerelac. Testingan ko na. Hehe! πŸ™‚

  3. admin Post author

    momi ruz, progress gold, mu na xaang promil kung pang 1 year na. pediasure is good i guess, pero kung indi manug tambok ang kid, wala gid gatambok. ang pastor’s kid namun, wala man nag big.

    dha, we’ll see kung cge2 na gid progress. so far so good. oo, ok gid bala mag cerelac πŸ˜€

  4. admin Post author

    by the way we use only rice and soya OR mixed fruits. da indi nami iban na variants πŸ˜€

  5. kristine mae

    luckily, my one-year old daughter has no problems when it comes to milk. along with breast milk, she had tried bonna, bonamil, then promil, enfalac, back to promil, promil kid and then progress gold until now. it depends on what milk your child is “hiyang” with…

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