Toys as Playmates and TVmates

Toys as Playmates and TVmates

toy line up

Dindin's toys watch video with her.

Last time, I was working on my computer so I just let Dindin watch a video from the
laptop, which is shown on our LCDTV. When I went to the bathroom, I passed by her and since she was kinda fine sitting on the bed and watching her video, I never really bothered to check on her.

When I went out of the bathroom and passed by her again, I noticed the picture above. She lined up some of her toys on the edge of the bed beside her so she has company while watching video! LOL

And look at those mermaids. These two were bought separately and made by different manufacturers but Dindin calls them “Mama Mermaid” and “Baby Mermaid” because of their sizes. But it was the first time that I saw her painstakingly arrange them so that Mama Mermaid can carry Baby Mermaid while watching TV. LOL

6 thoughts on “Toys as Playmates and TVmates

  1. Pepay

    Haha..ahay.. Gusto nya may upod man siya mag watch.. Saja sg mermaids..haha.. Gin pa kugos gid ya..hehehe

  2. pynky

    wow..what a company while watching her fave video…buti hindi nya sinabi..mama come sit with them too..hehehe

  3. Shengkay

    hahaha..thats cute! really cute..mama mermaid carrying baby mermaid.. galing ni Dindin ah..
    My baby naman keeps on messing around her toys and baby books..hinahayaan ko na lang sya kasi busy din ako with online stuff..mga baby talaga naghahanap na lang ng companion sa ibang bagay kasi busy blogging mga mommies..
    Iris for now is not into barbies pa..before takot pa nga sya sa hindi na but she is not fond of them pa rin..

  4. Donna Jane

    Your princess is so smart , maybe she needs a sister or a brother so that she’ll find playing more fun , isn’t it 🙂

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