Touchscreen Mode: Using a Samsung Galaxy Ace

Touchscreen Mode: Using a Samsung Galaxy Ace

As compared to her peers, Dindin started using a touchscreen gadget rather quite late. We just got this Samsung Galaxy Ace unit last month when I renewed my subscription with Smart. Naaa…I would not buy a new one for this purpose. But thanks to Smart, Dindin has this thingimajig to play with.

Her Papa promptly downloaded educational apps for her. But every time she would use this, I just thought that she was merely playing.

Tonight, her Papa and I were very busy working so Dennis just gave her the phone. Then I noticed how she was handling it. I thought it was cute that is why I captured the moment on video. So here it is. hehe

3 thoughts on “Touchscreen Mode: Using a Samsung Galaxy Ace

  1. Pepay

    Hihihi…cute gd sg tingog ni badidin nang nu… Saja cya.. Hihi… Techy na gid..

  2. admin Post author

    @pepay: yeah…i had to take a video of this. medyo na delay ko, she had started with since the letter A. but at least may video.

    @gagay: hahaha thanks thanks! 😀

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