Torn Between Saving and Spending

Torn Between Saving and Spending

I sometimes have this crossroad. Photo from the internet.

If I come to think of it, I am rather a spendthrift. I save part of our income, try live within our means, and try to make use of things instead of buying new ones. In the house, I make sure that we use up everything to the last drop and not waste anything. I turn off lights, do not waste water, and use supplies prudently.

But while I save hard, I can also shop hard. It is not always, but it happens. For example, I had not gone out for three months because of a pregnancy-induced situation in the past, but when I was given the chance to go out, I splurged. Well, yeah, most of the things that I bought were needs. After all, I had not been out for a long time and some of our stuff had been worn out and needed replacement. But some of the things that I bought were not exactly needs and they just added to the expense of buying our needs.

It is just that like most people, I am also tempted to buy things that I don’t need. I just want them, period. Then I would realized that I bought too much and I don’t really need them and that I could have spent the money on other more important things.

I would often get convicted whenever I hear the lyrics of a song that goes something like, “You work hard for your money, you save hard, and then you spend it all.” It sounds much like me–like I was the one being described in the song. hehe It may sound funny, but it is really not.

When I was in college, I saved a lot of money that I put in a bank account. I think by the time I was in my senior year, I have saved about P18,000 already. That was way back in 1995. But then I was given the chance to travel to Davao City for free. We stayed there for a month. While I did not ask my parents for pocket money for this trip, I spent all of my savings there shopping for things that I can bring back home. Looking back, I felt I wasted a lot of money for that trip. And it happened many more times during my many trips all throughout my professional life.

I believe that in order to successfully handle our finances, we should put our priorities in the right order. Discipline is key, especially in controlling ourselves while out in the mall. It will take much prayer but we can all get over this. Our families are growing and so will our expenses. While we have faith in God that He will provide for our needs, I believe that God is also expecting us to be prudent with what He has already provided.

God bless us all!

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