Top Commentator of the Month Contest

I would like to launch a top commentator contest for this blog. So what is in store for you if you join?

1. For the whole month, the top 5 commenters will have do follow links on my sidebar.
2. As a thank you note, the top 5 commenters will be featured in a “thank you” post.
3. The top 2 commenters will win cash prizes.
First prize: $7 Paypal cash
Second prize: $3 Paypal cash

This contest is open only to those who have Paypal accounts. 😀

NOTE: Only SENSIBLE COMMENTS will be accepted. No spammy comments will be accepted. So let’s not waste each other’s time, okay? 😀

Sounds good? Hope you will join this. And I hope to continue doing this every month in order to say thank you to my readers. 😀

Earning from Blogging
I maintain this blog because I really would like to preserve my daughter’s memories online, because after all, that is the way to go today.

But as a mom, I really would like to make my blogging sustainable. I mean, it should sustain itself so that that it is self-supporting. Additionally, it should also be able to give me some income. It is not really so that I can buy stuff for myself like shoes, clothes, or designer perfume, but also because it is a means of livelihood. It should not just cost me money but earn me money as well.


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