Too Early to Think About the Prom?

Too Early to Think About the Prom?

In the light of the controversial antics of famous singers at the last MTV VMAs, I  cannot help but think about my own children and their future. I have two daughters and eventually, they will become teenagers, have their own sets of friends, go on dates, and attend proms. I am very much concerned with how they turn out to be and their impact to society because I believe that the best legacy that we can leave is our reputation–how we lived our lives.

I don’t mind indulging them in nice homecoming dresses, after all I do allow Dindin a certain liberty in pretend play and in dress up. Whatever our budget allows, I do buy her some costumes, accessories, and even wigs. And she loves doing it because for a day, she can be whoever she wants to be. To me, this is important because it fosters imagination and creativity. And I intend to do this all over again with the little one–if she likes it.

I wore a similarly cut dress during my juniors prom–but of course, this one looks more elegant. Photo from

During my time, I was only able to attend one prom night–during my junior years, because the school decided against holding one during my senior year. At that time, we were sorely disappointed but looking back, I think that was fine. I mean, it is just a social event after all. And it would have saved a lot of disappointments because at that time in our community public school, a number of young girls would get pregnant during prom nights. 🙁 That was a sad reality.

But anyway, when my girls would have their turn to attend a prom, I do pray that they will be level-headed to handle themselves and to choose the gowns that are age-appropriate and would not go beyond accepted decent styles. I may be prudish but I believe that being sexy is not about showing so much skin–it is still how you handle yourself. And besides, for high school students attending proms, they should not be thinking about sexiness yet. This is an altogether different topic.

I know this may be too early to think about prom nights for my daughters, but hey, time flies very fast. It seems not so long ago and now Dindin will soon be 4.5 years old. She has been thinking much about her third birthday and what she will pretend to be on that day. Well…that’s just how life is.

Some schools allow short dresses during their prom nights. This one is really nice. 😀 Photo from

Anyway, for really nice prom dress, check out the designs at DressFirst. I think they are nice, lovely, of good quality and…proper.

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  1. sherry ann gole cruz

    love dresses,i just did think too early for my son prom,i bought him a polo and slacks 2months before the scheduled and i love thinking how my two daughters would wear i they attend the prom too 🙂

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