To Spend Winter Somewhere

To Spend Winter Somewhere

You know what? I never did like winter. I have already spent three months in the United States while it is wintertime and I didn’t like it. It was just tooo cold for me.

It would have been fine as long as I stayed indoors where it is warm and comfy. What I hate was when I had to go outside wearing all those heavy clothing, which was made bulkier by what seemed like Ski Sweaters that we wore over our clothes.

Then just when I am choking with all those layers of clothes, I will have to contend with the high heat in the car that makes it all the more difficult to breathe. And when you get to where you are supposed to go, you will have to take off everything that you put on just because of security checks. When going to theme parks where you get checked twice, believe, this is no fun at all.

But for Dindin’s sake, I would be willing to take her somewhere there is snow so that she can just experience it. After all, it won’t be forever. Maybe just a vacation. It will not be this Christmas but I hope we can do it when she is a little older and easier to manage. That way, we will not have to bring so much in our trip!

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