Tippity Tap

Tippity Tap

I can sometimes be a bored mom. I guess, with working, taking care of Dindin, and playing with her, I can also get bored and would want some private space where I do nothing.

Well it is not really doing nothing. It is actually just not thinking much because thinking stresses me. I would rather forget.

Last night, I played Spot the Difference on Facebook and even tuned on to some videoke songs on youtube and started humming and singing to them. I am just soooo stressed. I honestly would like to get a massage.

But you know what, I would like to learn more about running a business and making it work more efficiently. It is like hiring a systems analyst to straighten out what you are doing. I have seen that there are websites offering an online business degree but I dunno how can I really manage taking an online business degree even if let’s say I will handle it during my spare time. But honestly, I don’t have spare time, having to work and take care of a growing toddler. I can hardly have time to squeeze to get a hair cut. It is already getting to be so much. I really would like to do something for myself and not forget that I was a woman first before I was a wife and then a mother, but I dunno if I still have the capacity to do it.

Right now, I just want to tip and tap on my keyboard and see where this leads me.

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