Tinkerbell Picnic Mat

Tinkerbell Picnic Mat

Tinkerbell picnic mat

Tinkerbell and the Disney fairies picnic mat

Another round of thanks goes to Tita Daphne, Tito Ian, and miga Gianna for feeding Dindin’s Tinkerbell fantasies. Yesterday, they brought over a new Tinkerbell picnic mat for Dindin, and boy was this little lady very happy!

Last night, we had a picnic here inside the room and today, we played with her Disney Princess paper dolls.

Thanks so much to our wonderful friends who always remember our likes. teehee

2 thoughts on “Tinkerbell Picnic Mat

  1. pepay

    wowwweee! nang… if you’ll set up dindin’s toys, she will have a play land na…. hehe..

    1. mama Post author

      oh yeah pay! if only we have the space, we will surely have a big room that can accommodate all her toys! 😀

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