Thoughts on Saving Money

Thoughts on Saving Money

We are trying to save here and there in order to stretch our income. I mean, if we can save P5 off a grocery item, that could save us P50 every time we go to the grocery store, right? Multiply that many times over and then…well, you can do the Math.

Anyway, we have our savings or coin banks at home. We put our coins in there. We actually let Dindin put the coins in them because she has so much fun doing so. She also has a cash drawer but it is small so we just let her use her different coin banks. I will just take a photo of her coin bank collection next time. I am still too busy.

Sometimes, I don’t like going out and taking our car because we often give coins to those boys that help us park. Actually, it is not really because they are helping us park or back out of the parking lot, but it is really to protect our car. If you do not give them money, they might harm your car and that would cost you more. They can scratch the paint, or worse, give you a flat tire. So giving them P5 is like the cost of protecting your car. It is really a crazy system but something that we have to live with. I am just thinking though, I could still put that in Dindin’s coin bank. hahaha

Oh well…some of the things that we have to live with.

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