This Child is Coping

This Child is Coping

Dennis and I had been quite busy lately because of a new venture that we are setting up. As such, we barely have time for R and R these past two weeks.

But we do make time for her throughout the day to have our family time. We would hug each other or kiss each other or whatever. It could just be a moment, five minutes, 20 minutes, as long as “Papa, Mama, and Baby Dindin” are together. It was a mantra that we started when she was probably six months old. That phrase meant “family” for Dindin. At first, whenever we would say the phrase slowly, she would sit up, listen, and wait for her name to be called. Then she would smile broadly. Eventually, as she learned to speak more syllables and she was able to say her name, we would say “Papa, Mama…” and then she would finish off the phrase herself with “Ba-by Deeee-din.” More recently, she would take it upon herself to say everything, “Mapa, deeee—din.” hihihi

Anyway, since we are no longer together most of the day and Dennis and I could no longer spend as much time with her, I talked her into doing certain things. Here are her developments this week:

1. Dindin no longer fusses or tosses and turns during nappy changes. Before, I would flip her at least 10 times before we can finish a single session, while expending so much energy singing, dancing, counting or distracting her.

2. Dindin no longer fusses in the bathroom. Every time Dindin is washed or bathed, two people are needed. One holds her still while the other hurriedly washes her. But this week, I had been alone most of the time so whenever she needed a nappy change because she pooped or had a leak, I did the washing myself. I told her to stand up and stay still because Mama is alone and needed her help. And we breezed through the entire process for several days now. But I still have to try bathing her myself. I am pretty scared because soaping involves her entire body and everything is slippery.

3. Dindin no longer needs me while bottle feeding. I put her snugly in the middle of the bed, surrounded by pillows, and give her bottle. When she’s done, she would sit up and call me. I am just around but I am usually working on my computer with my back towards her. Sometimes she would fall asleep. When I would turn around to check on her, she has already placed her bottle on her side and she has drifted off to wonderland (or wherever).

4. While I am working, I could leave her now to watch videos (which we just limit to a maximum of 40 minutes at one time). If she’s bored, she will just call me. Then sometimes I would carry her for a few moments and place her on the floor for further play. Or sometimes I just need to stop working to interact with her. She is no longer as demanding with my attention. Or still sometimes, she would ask to sit on my lap and watch while I am working.

5. She has slept on her own. Dindin is not usually fussy when she is sleepy. When in the car, we place her on the seat between my legs and she would sit there. Sometimes, I would notice that her head is already moving from one side to the other and that is when we would realize that she is already asleep. Or she would sleep in her carrier while going around the mall. In our bedroom though, we sometimes have to carry her to lull her to sleep. But yesterday, because I was busy, she slept on her own. I put her on the crib to watch a video. After 1 episode, I gave her a toy. She played with it for like 10 minutes then I noticed that she became quiet. I glanced to see what she was doing (as she might be chewing on something dirty again) and I saw that she was lying down and staring blankly towards the window. In two seconds, she closed her eyes and drifted off.

I am very happy at how Dindin is coping with the changes in our lifestyles. God is really gracious. Just like what Dindin’s name says, “Shawna” = “The Lord is Gracious.”

4 thoughts on “This Child is Coping

  1. sansan

    she’s becoming a little girl πŸ™‚ mas nakaunderstand na sya sbng kag galain naman panimuot nya πŸ™‚ congrats for the milestones! its good that she can stay put even for just a while πŸ™‚ hahaha budlay gd daan kng gachange nappies πŸ™‚

    1. admin Post author

      oo gid san. as in gaka pikon na ko kis-a. kay maliso kag mag fuss pa. kasabad gid ya. ginapalaba ko gid pasensiya ko. but this time, it is soooo much easier. now i can massage her na. we praise her for every good deed gid. πŸ˜€

  2. Maricar

    basta spend lang QUALITY TIME with her, undivided attention… miski short basta QUALITY… i would suggest tho’ that you still hold her when it’s feeding time because for them, they’re still in a stage where they think: he who feeds me loves me πŸ™‚

    1. admin Post author

      i do hold her sometimes. or at least on the first part. then i would transfer her on the bed. πŸ˜€ but indi na all the time like we used to.

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