Thinking of Summer Activities for Dindin

Thinking of Summer Activities for Dindin

This early, I am already thinking of the things that Dindin can do for the summer, which is of course, still coming next year. Since we are on a limited budget with the new baby and also constrained with time, she will just have to choose on activity that she really likes and will benefit the most.

I asked her if she wanted to learn to swim and she said yes. I asked her again if she is willing to let go of her ballet lessons during the summer just so she could learn to swim. She said yes again. So I guess that would be her only summer activity. The problem with having two activities is not only the budget considerations but also the fact that we have to bring her to and from the venue for each and every session. It is like we didn’t take a vacation from school at all. And we since we don’t have a yaya anymore, it will be my husband and I who will take turns going with her. It would be good if hubby is available all the time because he can take the car, but if he can’t, then Dindin and I will just have to commute.

So I guess, it will be swimming for her as well as helping out in the store. Yes, it will be an intentional time that she will spend with her grandparents at the store so that she will learn about business and at the same time do something worthwhile.

Last time, I was also thinking of guitar lessons but I guess that will have to wait another year. She can practice at home when her Lolo Tito will buy her a real guitar. The lessons will come later when she is ready for her evans resonant black head at guitar center.

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