Thinking About Dindin’s Third Birthday

Thinking About Dindin’s Third Birthday

Dindin has reached the 2 and 1/2 years mark last Sunday. Halfway through the year and I would like to lay down my plans for her birthday party next year. Weeeeeeee

I know that is still six months to go but I don’t like rushed preparations. Besides, if we want to have a party, we need to save for it beforehand and buy things that we need throughout the coming months. Buying them altogether could be a big setback to the pocket. And well, you get good value if you buy things whenever they are on sale–especially the party favors.

Anyway, I am thinking of a simple party with just a few close friends at my parents’ house. Maybe we can just barbecue pork and hotdogs on an outdoor fire pit and have some salad and cake for every body. And then of course, we will have party games! And prizes, too.

What I just want is for Dindin and her friends to have fun. And I want them to go home with lots of toys to play with. I want everyone to be happy, especially Dindin.

And oh, have I told you already that she already has her birthday dress? hahaha I got it on sale more than a year ago. It only cost us P100. hahaha The outfit is a purple blouse with a purple skirt and a headdress. And since her Tita Tina gave her purple stockings, she is going to be a Purple Tinkerbell with purple wings! LOL

3 thoughts on “Thinking About Dindin’s Third Birthday

  1. athena

    Is very excited for your party! Is wondering as well what I’m going to do for Gabriella’s party. As its the winter in here we have to do it indoors… Hopefully iLl have some few ideas when its nearer… But so love the purple outfit already… Love to all of u xx

  2. admin Post author

    @athena: hahaha all in all the purple outfit cost me only P150. wait till u see the pixes! all i need to buy is just the silver shoes! i am so excited too. weeeee

    @pepay: march 11 pay…indi ka na ka kapuli di no? january ka puli no?

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